15 Best Adjustable Blind Spot Mirrors 2021

15 Best Adjustable Blind Spot Mirrors 2021

We all know how many accidents, and near accidents, happen every year, across the United States due to drivers not properly checking their blind spots when switching lanes or making turns.

It is obvious that all cars come to equip with side-view mirrors already, it goes without saying that this may not always be enough, which is where the car side mirror blind spot comes into play.

Keep in mind that the best blind spot mirrors for car reviews are not meant to replace ordinary/custom side-view mirrors, but are meant to simply improve the level of visibility that is currently offered by them.

I personally have them on my side-view mirrors and they have aided greatly in assisting me to see cars that I may have otherwise have missed in my blind spot; we here at Review Cart will help you find the best blind spot mirrors of 2021!

List of Best Blind Spot Mirrors Reviewed 2021

New Blind Spot Mirrors. Can be Adjustable or Fixed installed.


This particular set of blind spot mirrors a no-fail, adhesive set of mirrors aesthetically designed to look like an original part of your car. No one likes that annoying adhesive glue to stay stuck to our things, which is why these adjustable blind spot rearview mirrors for trucks are only used with outdoor and water-rated 3M brand adhesive and high reflective silver film mirrors. Drivers can be supremely confident that they will be able to confidently switch lanes and merge onto freeways, knowing that the blind spot mirrors are uniquely engineered for better visibility.

What We Like

  • The frameless mirror set looks just about perfect on most vehicles so no need to worry about some gaudy monstrosity in your car!
  • These particular sets of best stick-on blind spot mirrors for cars, motorcycles & trucks are also incredibly inexpensive costing about $25 bucks on Amazon and even cheaper if you are an Amazon Prime member.

What We Don’t Like

  • The main complaint about these mirrors is that they come off somewhat easily, especially when water hits the car (i.e. a car wash).

AUDEW 2 Pack Square Blind Spot Mirror 360℃ ABS Glass For All Universal Vehicles Car Fit Stick-on Design


The AUDEW two-pack is square packaged and rotates 360° and allows for the driver to adjust as needed for better visibility, as well as a 20° adjustable sway in order for you to maximize your view with a wide-angle in the car. All blind spot mirrors are equipped with a tin, adjustable swivel mounting bracket for an easy and fast installation.

The dimensions of the AUDEW are as follows: mirror length: 9.5 cm, with a width of 3.5 cm; the material of the ADUEW is made of ABS glass, with an HD glass-curved, ultrathin, slim design. The ingenious concave design helps the driver to efficiently forecast their surroundings when passing or changing lanes.

What We Like

  • There are two installation methods available (horizontal or vertical) and the AUDEW is also IP65 waterproof, rust-resistant and the glass will not haze; the driver can also be confident in the fact that there is guaranteed durability with waterproof adhesive, leaving no residue on the blind spot mirror or your original mirror.
  • Another plus to the AUDEW is that it can also be used as a rearview mirror so it is not just limited to a blind spot mirror for your side view.

What We Don’t Like

  • This rectangular blind spot mirror is not as convex as it needs to be so it is possible that it will just simply provide a reflection to the original mirror and not provide an accurate view of any cars that may be in your blind spot.

Best Blind Spot Mirror – 4 Pack Blind Spot Mirror For SUV


This four-pack oval-shaped blind spot mirror set is made from an aluminum frame (not plastic) and is a must-have for any vehicle. This blind spot mirror set is easy to install with a simple peel and stick application process; the mirrors are made from real glass with virtually no hazing and rust-resistant.

What We Like

  • There is certainly nothing fancy about these particular bubble small wide-angle rearview clips on blind spot mirrors but they are perfect for those who are not looking for anything spectacular.
  • Obviously, cars only come with two side-view mirrors so a set of four may be overkill but the extras allow you to place the mirrors on something else, such as a bike or another vehicle.

What We Don’t Like

  • When some of the mirrors were received, they were received slightly scuffed with smudge marks; there were also some sets received that only came with two mirrors, instead of four, which can be a frustration of course.

Ampper Egg Shape Blind Spot Mirrors, Frameless 360 Degree Rotate + Sway Adjustable HD Glass Convex Wide Angle Rear View Car SUV Stick On Lens (Pack of 2)


This two-piece package is one of the newest upgrades for this particular brand; it comes with a 360-degree rotation, with an adjustable egg shape that maximizes the driver’s view with a wide-angle to better see any vehicles in your blind spot.

These small convex auto side blind spot mirrors for cars are equipped with a tiny adjustable swivel mounting bracket for easy installation and perfect adjustment for the driver.

What We Like

  • It’s inexpensive for this particular brand of best wide-angle rearview blind spot mirror, with a pack of two only costing $4.99 and the four-pack costing $7.99.
  • They are also incredibly easy to apply to your original mirrors with virtually no mess.

What We Don’t Like

  • If you reside in a hot climate, these may not be the brand of blind spot mirrors for you as there is a good chance they will come off easier in hot weather.

Ampper Blind Spot Mirror, 2″ Round HD Glass Frameless Convex Rear View Mirror, Pack of 2


This particular blind spot mirror can almost be looked at as the cousin to the one reviewed above, just without the swivel option, and for a pack of two on Amazon (as a Prime member) will cost you about 8 bucks. It adheres fairly easily to your original mirror with no worries about the adhesive smudging the original mirror in any kind of way; it is definitely ordinary in appearance so you will not have to worry about it taking it away from the look of your car in any way.

What We Like

  • One of the pros about this particular mirror is that, as the driver, you do not need to worry about bezel getting in the way of adherence, just in case you have a small original mirror, not to mention it is incredibly priced.

What We Don’t Like

  • The piece of adhesive that comes with this mirror is relatively small in size, unfortunately, so it does provide a greater chance of the mirror falling off unless you are able to purchase additional adhesive separately.


Overall, the blind spot mirror is definitely a good investment, however, when purchasing be sure that you are getting the best mirror for your needs; some of these mirrors are not meant to be placed on vehicles such as motorcycles so be mindful of that before spending your money.

The last thing you may want to consider is if you would like an egg-shaped or circle-shaped blind spot mirror; in my opinion, I believe that both shapes work equally well but naturally it would depend on your preference and the type of vehicle that you have. Also, prior to the application of your blind spot mirror, be sure to clean your original side-view mirror with some kind of solution- rubbing alcohol works well.

Beyond that, happy shopping!

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