Best Australian Gold Indoor Tanning Lotion Reviews 2022

Best Australian Gold Indoor Tanning Lotion Reviews 2022

Australian Gold Indoor Tanning lotion – A lot of us love to tan, maybe it’s the feeling of being exotic, maybe it’s the beauty it seems to give us, or that dark even skin tone that seems appealing. It may be one of these or all, but the bottom line is we love tanning be it indoor, or outdoor.

Tanning, like with everything else is overrun with different varieties of products, this often causes consumer confusion because, with so many products out there, the “What do I buy?” question seems harder to answer.

Australian gold indoor tanning lotion is one of the most recognizable names in the tanning/Skincare factor and with their diverse product line-up, they have something for everyone.

For those of us who love to get a beautiful tan without stepping into the sun, this article is for you, we’re going to go through the best Australian gold indoor tanning lotions for you and your skin type.

Australian Gold Indoor Tanning Lotion Reviews 2022

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Australian Gold Hardcore Black 30X Dark Bronzing Lotion

Australian Gold Hardcore Black 30X Dark Bronzing LotionThe Australian Gold Hardcore black 30X dark bronzing lotion is endowed with hemp seed oil and skin softeners. The effects of these ingredients are phenomenal! The Hemp seed oil moisturizes and hydrates the skin while the skin softeners penetrate deep into the skin to give a silky smooth skin tone.

It also contains Dark Envy fragrance which is supposed to put the scent of other tanning lotions to shame, however for some the scent is a bit too strong.

This lotion has a very fast delivery time in the tan beds and it is also very long-lasting, say goodbye to tanning multiple times a week. This lotion gives any other tanning lotion out there a run for its money; For just $25.50 on Amazon, I would say this one is much bang for your buck.

Australian Gold JWOWW Natural Black Bronzer

Australian Gold JWOWW Natural Black BronzerThe Australian Gold JWOWW natural black bronzer is one of the best products out there today.

This amazing lotion contains vitamins A and E which help prevent skin damage from the UV rays.

It also contains shea butter and Kendi Oil, this help give a beautiful complexion while keeping the skin looking young and vibrant, the deep rich tan it gives is hardly rivaled by another lotion, and it goes for just $54.99 on Amazon.

Australian Gold JWOWW Black Bronzer Dark

Australian Gold JWOWW Black Bronzer DarkThe Australian Gold JWOWW Black Bronzer Dark is especially appreciated for enhancing tans; it brings out a vibrant bronze color in the skin.

It is enriched with Vitamin A, E, and shea butter to protect the skin and give it a lovely bronze glow.

However, compared to the rest this bronzer is a bit on the pricier side with a price tag of $69.99. Price aside, this lotion is amazing in giving a healthy sun-kissed look without stepping outside.

The Berry scented bronzer is also endowed with Black currant oil, Sunflower oil, and Kukui nut oil; it gives users a very natural looking tan.

Australian Gold Accelerator

Australian Gold AcceleratorThis is the most popular indoor tanning lotion available in the market today. The Australian Gold accelerator works like the usual accelerator and aids melanin production to give a nice deep tan.

This lotion contains extra moisture to maintain the skin color and Vitamin A and E to protect the skin. The tan is also long-lasting after using twice, and it is the perfect “intro to tanning” lotion for starters.

This lotion is not ideal for people with sensitive skin, it’s not a given that it will cause an allergic reaction, but the possibility is there.

Generally, all Australian Gold indoor tanning lotions have lovely scents, however, not everyone is crazy about those as the scent from this one may be too may be a bit overstated for some people None the less; this accelerator gives a smooth even tan all over the body while maintaining healthy skin. Can you believe this goes for just $24.99 on Amazon? Try beating that!

After Tan Moisturizers

Although the tanning lotion is what is most sought out, please do not forget about after tan moisturizers. The after tan moisturizers help replenish the skin and replace vital nutrients lost by the body during tanning. It keeps the skin moist, avoids irritation, dryness, and itchiness. . Using after tan moisturizers frequently help maintain a good tan from any of these wonderful tanning lotions.

Safety Concerns

It is very important to note that indoor tanning lotions are not intended for use in the sun, they are made for use in Tanning beds and tanning lamps. Therefore, these lotions do not contain SPF (The measurement factor for sunlight protection). SPFs measure how well a sunscreen can protect us from UVB rays, the rays that cause sunburn and skin cancer. So always make sure to use this sunscreen in addition to these lotions if you’re going out to get bronzed in the sun.

Things to Know Before Buying Australian Indoor Tanning Lotion

This review will cover products that are tanning accelerators, bronzers, or tingle tanning lotion, so I’ll give a brief overview of these three before diving in.

Tanning Accelerators

Tanning accelerators work by producing more melanin pigment in the skin, this, in turn, helps the tanning process. The more melanin you have, the darker you get. The good accelerators moisturize the skin and intensify the UV rays to speed up the bronzing; this helps to achieve an even and smooth skin tone, it also continues to develop even after one leaves the tanning bed. The basic tan accelerators are advised for beginners.


These are generally the most common indoor tanning lotion available in the market today, many moisturizers contain bronzers. Bronzers darken and enhance the tan while blending uneven tan areas. They are divided into

  1. Instant Bronzers – These washes away quick
  2. Natural Bronzers – These help increase melanin production within the skin cells
  3. DHA Bronzers – These work with Amino acids in the skin to sustain the tan

Tingling Tanning lotions

These, like the name, give a tingling sensation when it’s used, it’s more intense than the previous two, so its use is recommended for advanced tanners, not beginners. It works by bringing blood (Oxygen) to the surface of the skin to affect the melanin there; the result is a deep, dark, and beautiful tan.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of options to choose from when looking for that perfect tanning lotion, but I’m here to make your life just a teeny bit easier. Below is a review of the top picks of Australian gold indoor tanning lotions.


After all, that’s been said, when we need to get a tan for our social events, special events, prepare for summers and tropical vacations, or for the sole reason of having one, don’t forget to check out these Australian gold indoor tanning lotions, they give natural looking – long lasting tans at very affordable prices.

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