10+ Best Bath Toys For 1 Year Olds [Girl & Boy] 2020 Reviews

10+ Best Bath Toys For One Year Old 2020

Best Bath Toys For One Year Old 2020  Bathing time is the rejoicing time for the sweet, little babies in those heart quenching water and soapy bubbles. Amazon is providing a variety of bathing toys for them to make the bathing time of your child playful. Babies enjoy while bathing in those bath toys which make your work easier to make babies bath.

Bath toys are the kind of objects that attract the small ones and make them feel pleasant while bathing so that they enjoy their bath along with that bubbles.

Best Bath Toys For 1 Year Olds Baby Girl & Boy 2020

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bath Time Fun ToysNuby-10-Pack-Little-Squirts-Fun-Bath-Toys

It is a bath toy for toddlers which float over the water. The kit contains a plastic octopus and three plastic rings. The rings are provided to throw around the tan tackles of the octopus which works as a hoop. The throwing action of the ring improves the hand and eye coordination of the child. These are available in bright colours which are loved by the toddlers. It is BPA free and has no toxic colours.

Key Points

  • This is a super fun game for kids and will help them move their hands and legs in the water which will help them become active and energetic.

Click N’ Play Bath Foam Letters & NumbersClick-N-Play-Bath-Foam-Letters-Numbers-with-Mesh-Bath-Toys-Organizer-36-Count

The kit contains 26 letters and 10 numbers made from non-toxic material and the foam which is BPA free material. It is a great educational toy for the toddlers making them learn alphabets and numbers by having fun while bathing. The letters and numbers easily stick to the bathtub and even the walls of the bathroom when the wall is wet. The whole kit is being packed in the mesh bags, which can be secured on the walls of the bathroom with attached suction cups. The alphabets are brightly coloured in pastel and primary colours.

Key Points:

  • This will help the kids to understand the different letters and numbers very easily.
  • If the foam toys are in different colors, you can also make them learn the colors and spell them out.

Munchkin Fishin’ Bath ToyMunchkin-Fishin-Bath-Toy

The toy includes a rod for fishing attached to a magnet and 3 toys of plastic that float in the water. The string attached to the rod can be winded up during the course of playing to make it an excellent toy. The fishing action by the toddlers helps them in making better coordination between eye and hand. The structure of the rod is designed in such a way to fit into those tiny little hands comfortably. The toys are made up of an airtight material hence preventing the formation of moulds.

Key Points:

  • This will keep the kids busy in the game and you will have a great time having them gat all bathed as they will not resist now.

Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath ToyMunchkin-Wind-Up-Swimming-Penguin-Bath-Toy

It is a cute bright coloured penguin made up of a BPA free plastic. The penguin entertains the toddler by a swimming action without the batteries. The arms of the toy work after release into the water on its own. Toddlers will surely find the action of swimming excellent fun. And most importantly the penguin is easy to handle with wet hands and is of lightweight.

Key Points:

  • This toy is quite entertaining for the kids and they will make bathing their favourite activity with their bathing penguin friend.

Musical Duck Race with Auto FountainYookidoo-Musical-Duck-Race-Baby-Bath-Toy-with-Waterfall-Auto-Fountain-Water-Pump-and-4-Racing-Ducks

It is a musical toy for toddlers that are a kind of spewing fountain which is operated by a battery and an inbuilt pump. The toy is to be placed at the centre of the tub and then it sucks the water from the tub and spews the water out in form of a fountain through a duck placed at the centre of the toy. All the three ducks race around the centre spout and are also detachable. The toy also gives a kind of duck sound for more entertainment.

Key Points:

  • Music is a great way for parents to make their kids get interested in almost everything.
  • Music is also good for the mental health of the children and is uniquely entertaining.

Munchkin School of Fish Bath ToyMunchkin-Bath-Toy-School-of-Fish

The kit contains three squirt able fishes along with a boat to hold them at the place. The boat can be used in many ways such as mug to bath or holding the shampoos or soap. The rubber fish are made of such a material that they can easily by squeezed with those tiny little hands, that results in squirting of fish. The material used for making the fish has a good grip and does not slip. The material used is BPA free and the colours are non- toxic.

Key Points

  • This is quite helpful children as it helps them to learn how to hold things and maintain a grip on the same.

Green Toys My First TugboatGreen-Toys-My-First-Tugboat-BPA-Phthalates-Free-Bath-Toys-for-Kids-Toddlers-Toys-and-Games

It is a bath toy in the shape of a boat that can also be used as a water mug. The built-in handle on the boat gives an easy grip to the toddlers as well as adults. The boat is made of a soft plastic having no sharp edges making it easier for the toddlers to play. The lower half of the boat is detachable so that the cleaning can be done easily and the sturdy body of the boat ensures that the boat does not get damaged even on heavy splashing of water.

Key Points:

  • The tugboat keeps the kids busy in playing and it becomes easy for you to give them a bath.

Funerica Interactive Large Yellow Duck Bath Toy


This is an attractive bright-coloured bath toy for toddlers in the form of a duck. The exciting thing about the duck is that the duck has a hollow hat where the water is to be poured then the duck opens the mouth to push the water out which results in rotating of a water wheel in duck’s belly. The duck does not require any battery, it functions on water driven movement.

Key Points:

  • Bright colors is excellent for the mental health of the children and also make them more alert and positively happy.
  • Especially, bright yellow color initiates happy hormones.

Munchkin Bath Fun Bubble Blower Toy


It is an electronic bubble toy that has ten rotating wands that rotate to generate a continuous flow of bubbles. If the toy is being operated by a battery it can work up to 8 hours to give non- stop bubble output. The suction cup at the back of the top helps secure the top at one place like the ledge of the tub.

Key Points:

  • Every kid likes bubble blower.
  • Bubble blower will help your kid indulge in it and the bathing becomes easy and also super fun.

Nuby Hippo Spout Guard

It is a dual-purpose toy that works both as a spout guard to protect the head to toddler and also a fun toy. It is a cute hippo shaped toy made up of BPA free material. There is two-way water flow, one flow occurs from the mouth of hippo and the other from the nose of a hippo.

Key Points:

It keeps the head of the baby safe and also makes them look cute.

How to Choose A Bath Toy

  • Keep in mind that the bath toy should be free of any harmful colours or chemicals. The toy should be BPA free.
  • The toy should be large enough so that it cannot be swallowed.
  • The toy should provide an easy grip to the toddlers
  • The colours used on the toy should be bright so that it attracts the babies.
  • The toy should be such that it can be cleaned easily.