10+ Best Rated Bath Toys For 6 Month Old Babies 2020

10+ Best Bath Toys For 6 Month Old Babies 2020

Best Bath Toys For 6 Month Old Babies 2020 – Little soft toys, sizzling water, and certain bubbles can add great pleasure to your baby bath time. Parents have their own wishes and kids have own, but one thing every parent delight to watch that their kids have fun with toys whether it is for playtime and bath time.

Bath time is hard-hitting for a parent because kids mostly cry a lot, but you can add fun elements to his/her bathtub by adding cute, soft and lovable toys so they can love to play in.

Discover the following 10 of the best bath toys for your kids that can fit in your budget as well as good for your baby skin and health.

Best Bath Toys For 6 Month Old Baby Girl & Boy

Boon Jellies – Best Bath Toys For 6-Month-Old


Well, if we simply talk about jellyfish it sounds cute, lovely and delight to watch. Must add this toy in the bathtub because most of the kid loves to do heaping each other into huge jelly towers. You can stick on to tub walls and create the design of your own.


  • Stick, tie and build the fun structure.
  • Pressure cups and attach with each other.

Fed KOI Toy Light up Bath Goldfish


The goldfish add entertainment to the bath. You would mainly find this fish in sushi restaurants in ponds. This only swim in a bathtub that makes your child amuse that light up in rainbow colours. It is made up with realistic plastic that doesn’t harm your kidskin. It lights off when the water off.


  • Safe and made up with quality material
  • Add fun to your kid bath with rainbow lights.
  • Float on the water with the flow of water.

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking CupsMunchkin-Caterpillar-Spillers-Stacking-and-Straining-Cups-Bath-Toy

These cups are connected in a caterpillar shape that can heap up, rinsing and pour water. You do not worry about anything because it is made of best material. This adds fun to play in by adding eye contact with your kid. It is a play pattern that works in three ways such as eye coordination, reaction and hand movements. 


  • Available in 7 different colours.
  • Make eye contact that gives fun to your kid.
  • Cups can do spinning, rinsing and pouring.

Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station


This will be the expensive toy, but look classy and delight to watch. Even it is worthy, so don’t rely on price. This submarine is operated by a battery that creates rotating motion to toys which are attached to a ship. This adds circulation motion to water that gives fun to your kid so he/she can play in the tub and you’ll delight to watch your kid smile.


  • A bath toy that adds exfoliation in water.
  • Best battery support.
  • Create beautiful and slow steam in water.
  • Spawn chain reactions in water.

Skip Hop Dunks Stacking Bath ToySkip-Hop-Dunks-Stacking-Bath-Toy

This bath toy is amazing. It can do five things such as mechanical skills, graphic insight, imaginative play, and language expansion. These birds are in three shades blue, light green and yellow. These have spouts so you can dispense water to wash the hair of your kid. It is the best toy to add fun in bath time.


  • Can do pour, drift, and heap.
  • Use as rinse cup too.

Hevea Alfie Junior Rubber Duck


This cute little toy will be best for both male and female kid. It looks natural, therefore, every kid love to play with it. You’ll never see the bathtub without duckie because it is a tool that makes your child relax in a bathtub so he/she can enjoy the bath.  It made up of safe plastic and tested product. It is 100% natural and safe rubber material. It also gives sound when you squeeze it.


  • Made up of harmless substances.
  • Soft, reliable and safe toy.
  • Best in catching the attention of a kid.

Smilo Bath Boats


It is also a good option to prepare the bathtub for your child. It is an innovative toy which is made up of safe material and harmless substances. It is a set of four different boats that are available in different colours. It looks cute that must take attention of your kid in a bathtub so they can play and take bath without crying.

It starts with motor and adds creative streams in water. This can strain water so your kid love to play with water and toy both. It is a learning as well as the eye-catching tool.


  • Funny Faces.
  • Available in 6 Different colours.
  • Lightweight and fun to play.

SoapSox Wash Mitt, Harper the Hippo


Hippo is a fun toy and animal that adds a fun element in the bath. These are also available in different animals such as dolphin, shark, fish, cartoon characters and much more. It is a spongy material, beautiful soft toy and can use for scrubbing while bathing. Give a secure grip that can be easy for your kid and parent both to play and giving a bath.  It is made up of polyester that will be safe for your kid.


  • Made of soft material.
  • Soap pocket that gives smooth scrubbing.

Sago Mini – Best Bath Toys For 6-Month-Old


It is a popular play set for toys which include mini sago characters, bathtub, duckie, and pool. They’re best and easy to use. This add pleasure to the bathtub that gives fun to your baby. The cute and safe toy set for both male and female kid.


  • Made of safe and tested material.
  • Manufactured by best company.

Skip Hops Pull-and Go monkey


Unlike other toys, this toy is amazing in as in Pull-and Go quality. This toy gives great fun to your kid while bathing and you can give the bath easily.


  • Enhance skills of a kid.
  • Learning toy with fun.

Final words

No parent can see the crying baby in the bathtub, so why don’t you add the soft toys in a bathtub that can gaze their attention, enhance learning, create fun and make them happy.  Above listed toys are affordable and good for both male and female child.