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7+ Best Bath Toys For 2 Year Olds Babies 2019

A splash of water here and another there, warm water, bubbles and toys help to build the best memories of bathing time and are considered to be the best experience for your little ones and you too. At this point of age, kids are comfortable with water and they just want to experiment with things around like what sinks in water and what floats on it, they also love to pour and watch water how it looks after pouring through a vessel?

When a child has reached the age of 2 he tries to feel his senses and practice control and coordination with his body. Bathing time is packed with so much laughter and fun whether your little ones are just starting the day fresh or winding up the day.

We can’t emphasize the importance of time spent while bathing your kid, at this time you can teach your kid so many new things and you can spend a jolly time together. Bathing toys can make this time more special and you can take their bathing experience up a notch by adding bath toys; bathing toys will not only encourage your kid to bath but will also promote parent-child bonding.

There are endless options in the market when it comes to bath toys, they are available in different shapes, design, colours and sizes but before buying them you have to keep following things in mind

Choose bath toys which are free from harmful substances and toxic lead-based colours and also try to avoid toys which have chemicals that dissolve in water as they can get easily dissolve in bath water and get absorbed in the baby’s skin.

A toy should be small enough to fit in the bathtub but not that small to fit in the kid’s mouth. You should be very careful about the size of the toy while buying the bath toy for the kid to prevents swallowing of the toy.

If you are looking for the fun bath toys, we have made your work easier by shortlisting some of them for you:

Best Bath Toys For 2 Year Olds Kids 2019

ProductMaterial TypeBatteries RequiredCheck Out
Nuby Octopus Hoopla Fun ToysPlasticNo
Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath ToyPlasticNo
Boon Chomp Hungry WhalePlasticNo
Pirates for the TubPlasticNo
Jellyfish Suction CupsPlasticNo
Floating Baby Bath BooksPlasticNo
Bugs in the TubPlasticNo

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Fun Toys:


Octopuses are introduced to us during our childhood if we remember watching Oswald! The only octopus on the face of the earth which we find cute, this cute bath toy comes with a cute and bright coloured octopus and rings.

Key Points:

  • This is a floating toy.
  • Rings are provided with the toy to be thrown around the tentacles of the octopus.
  • Throwing action will allow the kids to use their hands and eyes, this will help them to develop and control their senses.

Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy:Munchkin-Wind-Up-Swimming-Penguin-Bath-Toy

Penguins are so cute and they look adorable while swimming in the water. This cute bright coloured penguin will be the apple of the eye for your kid.

Key Points:

  • This is a wind-up bath toy available with swimming actions with no need of batteries, so there will be no hustle bustle for the battery.
  • You just need to wind through the toy and release it in the water for swimming on its own.
  • It is light in weight, therefore, it will be easy to manage with wet hands.

Boon Chomp Hungry Whale:boon-chomp-hungry-whale-bath-toy

A four piece bath toy containing a whale-shaped sieve and small sea creature shaped pieces. Sea creature pieces are left floating on the tub water and a whale is introduced to the scene, whale opens up her jaw gently when pressed on the tail fin. Whale opens up her mouth scoop everything in her mouth and the jaw closes.

Key Points:

  • It fits easily in the hand of the kid
  • It helps you to teach kids about the fishes and their aquatic lifestyle like what they eat and how they look.
  • When the kid will use his hands to trap the creatures in whale’s mouth it will help them to develop that connection between hand and eyes.

Pirates for the Tub:best-pirate-boat-toy

Want to see your child’s imagination taking off; you can probably do it by using these bath sets. These sets come with different themes varying from boys and girls.

Key Points:

  • This will open up a new world for your kids altogether; they will try to make their own stories out of it and will enjoy their new world while bathing.

Jellyfish Suction Cups:jellyfish-suction-cups

These cute toys come in the set of nine brightly coloured jellyfish with suction cups which allow them to stick anywhere.

Key Points:

  • They can be used outside the cup.
  • They come with the suction cup, not with those sticky glues or other sticky stuff which are responsible for the skin irritation.

Floating Baby Bath Books:Floating-Baby-Bath-Books-For-Toddlers

Every parent wants to the emphasis on the education from the very beginning of the child’s birth. These floating books can help them to practice their skills while taking a bath.

Key Points:

  • This floating baby book set comes in four different books including these topics “Numbers and Letters”, “colours and shape”, “Ocean friends” and “Happy fruits”.
  • These books have bright colours and are filled with beautiful images. These books contain the knowledge which kids require for the preschool and beyond that.

Bugs in the Tub:ALEX-Toys-Rub-a-Dub-Bugs-in-the-Tub

This cute kit comes with beautiful plastic bugs and meshes net. Throw these cute bugs in the tub water and let your little ones catch them using the mesh net.

Key Points:

  • The bugs come in perfect size which fit in the child’s palm and not too small to fit in the child’s mouth.
  • Make them the bugs count so that they can learn to count and tell them to catch them all.


  • Not all the toys are made to be played the same way, read the manual beforehand and follow the guidance the properly.
  • Supervise your baby while they are playing with toys in water as they are small and curious to try new things.
  • After using the toy wash it properly using any antiseptic and wipe it dry properly.