Suncoo K40 Laser Cutter Review 2021

Suncoo K40 Laser Cutter Review 2021

SUNCOO K40 Laser CutterSuncoo K40 Laser Cutter Review 2021 – Well, if you are searching for a hard-wearing and excellently precise laser cutter machine, then you are at the right place!

Hereafter extensive research and exploration while comparing the end number of laser cutters our professional team has picked up the SUNCOO K40 laser engraver cutter machine, which is one of the best machines for various industries.

In this article, we have covered every single aspect of this machine so that it will be easier for you while buying and using it.

Indeed, we have also highlighted the advantages and disadvantages to check whether it is suitable for your work or not.

Advanced Features of SUNCOO K40

DIY 40W CO2 Laser Engraving MachineSingle-Piece Design

SUNCOO K40 caters to the clients and end number of industries with the single-piece fantastic model so that you can easily install it anywhere and do your work without any additional accessories.

The material which is cut with this laser cutting machine looks excellent just because of its laser beam cutting and engraving technology, which makes it efficient in varied industries and DIY lovers.

This product, which is called the SUNCOO 40W laser cutting machine, is one of the handiest products which are getting pre-eminent in the market, as it supports every type of printer and scanner.


This SUNCOO K40 CO2 laser cutting machine delivers world-class quality parts and a fantastic engraving ability, with an engraving speed of 350 mm/second and an overall cutting speed is 35 mm/second.

Thanks go to the manufacturing company who has given such a modern and compatible laser cutting machine to the industries with proper ventilation inclusive of fans, which makes the fumes out.

Moreover, the feature of the smoke extractor keeps the temperature of the machine at the level.

SUNCOO K40 Cutter Machine Using Printer and ScannerApplicable material

When we talk regarding its functionality then it can serve a wide variety of materials which are inclusive of, wood, paper, cloth, plastic, glass, acrylic, resin glass, crystal, organic plastic, canvas, food, and innumerable all non-metal materials.

Furthermore, this laser cutting machine will work on all metals, non-metals, and anodized coating so that no industry will buy any other mechanism for varied materials.

Best Suited Industries

Well, when you talk about different industries that are prevalent in the market SUNCOO K40 is perfect for every kind of industry whether it is shoemaking, garments, decoration, paper products, seal engraving, craftworks, toys, nameplates, artwork, etc.

suncoo k40 laser engraver meterTechnical Features

Overall the weight of the laser cutting machine is 26 kilograms, which is not as heavy as other machines in the market. It bids new light and mechanical movements so that it delivers high precision and speedy service.

The laser tube which is incorporated in this laser cutting machine has life hours of 1000 to 1300 which can be operated at 40 W. The motor of SUNCOO is a stepper and has a water pump that cools down the temperature of the machine at 32 degrees to 113-degree F.

Talking regards to back of the machine it has a USB port that can easily connect to the laptop or desktop for controlling art and craftwork.  Indeed, the output of the device is controlled by creative software called Corel Draw and Newly Draw and supports multiple formats of files such as JPEG, BMP, JPG, etc.

suncoo k40 high performance laser cutterThe Volatility of the Machine

The casing of this laser machine is very thick so that when the worker works on it shaking can be very less when carving and cutting to create perfect engraving patterns. Moreover, the body of the machine is sturdy and thick so that transportation gets safer. On the safe side, it is a very portable and durable option for traveling people.

Cutting Thickness

On different materials the overall cutting thickness of this machine is 3mm on wood, on the cloth, it is 2mm, acrylic 5mm, 2mm on leather, for the paper it is 3mm, PVC is 2mm, on double-color board, it is 2MM, etc.

It is suitable for all material and can deliver accurate results with full perfection.

Is Suncoo K40 Laser Worth Buying?

SUNCOO K40 CO2 laser cutting machine is very affordable as compared to the other machines and the advanced features it is offering to the industries. It has a high precision motor which provides speedy work. Moreover, it can deal with every type of material and can deliver perfect engraving, which is liked by clients.

So, no industry has to buy different machines to deal with every type of material. Purchasing this machine will curtail the needs of additional accessories, and your company will foster growth in no time.


  • Can be upgraded to 50 W in case of emergency
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Has multiple image formats for varied uses
  • Speedy operation
  • Reasonable price
  • No need to buy extra software as it comes with new CoralDraw and necessary extensions
  • Can work on every type of material
  • Installation is also effortless
  • Portable


  • Only work on Windows means it will not work on any other operating system
  • The software which is installed for the printer in not user-friendly
  • Less durable
  • Some issues of software

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The Verdict

Well, if you need a laser cutting machine which can work correctly and offers accurate engraving then, SUNCOO K40 CO2 is unsurpassed.

After buying this machine, none of the individuals will ever regret their decision as it comes with the portable features, and side by side one instruction guide is also available for beginners so that it gets easy for them to cope up with the machine.

Over to You

Our teams tested this laser cutting machine some days at our center, and we have found that this engraving machine delivers what it promises. Its body, working capacity, etc. meets CE, FDA certification, and ISO 9001 quality certification, which makes it a value-for-money laser cutting machine.

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