Best Commercial Electric Pressure Washers 2022

Best Commercial Electric Pressure Washers 2022

Best Commercial Pressure Washers Reviews 2021 – Just like it is with some products, not all high-pressure washers are good for commercial purposes.

There are residential pressure washers and also commercial ones. And so, it is very important you understand that not all pressure washers will earn you a living.

Some are just simple unmarketable. You can hardly make a profit selling them. Such are classified as commercial power washers which are mostly made for weekend use.

What, then, is a Commercial Pressure Washer?

Yes, it is true that most people often confuse commercial grade pressure washers with residential ones. To clear your doubt, a professional pressure washer is a machine that is made in such a way that they are perfect for everyday use. These set of machines are built with stronger and better pumps, engines, and other quality parts that make them durable and perfect for daily use without wearing out. They are also made of high-grade hoses, brass connections, and stainless lances. So, they aren’t plastic.

Contrary to what some people wrongly think, cleaning power isn’t a determinant of the type of commercial electric power washer; whether it is commercial or residential. Some residential machines come with 3,500 PSI and 3 GPM. While some commercial ones are built with much lesser cleaning power; something around 2,000 PSI and 2 GPM. Nevertheless, these commercial ones, though with less capacity, cost more because of their different quality features.

What are your options with commercial pressure washers?

This will include a detailed review of the best 5 best commercial electric pressure washer that will intrigue you and provide you with better and more elaborate options for your choice.

So how do you choose your commercial power washer? Which commercial pump type should you choose from?

This question covers what commercial Pump type to choose from and how.

The Direct-Drive Pump

This particular type of pump is actually connected with a hollow shaft and to the engine drive shaft. What this means is that the pump moves at the same speed as the engine. Also, the pump is placed quite close to the hot engine. Because of these two features, the pump is naturally able to run much hotter and reduces the lifespan of other parts as well as the bearings.

But then, because the connection between motor and pump is made very simple, a direct-drive pressure washer is usually cheaper and very compact in comparison with a belt drive.

Other facts about the direct drive pump:

It is for you: Sure, you have pressure washing as part of your job. Though, it is not the only part. So, the commercial hot water pressure washer is just the secondary or complementary tool with which you earn money and not the primary.

What’s good about the pump: the direct drive pump has some good features: it is more efficient and manageable, it takes up less space, it is cheaper.

Some things you may not like about it: You may hate the following things about the product: It runs so fast that it isn’t able to reliably suction water from a tank. It has a shorter pump life. It is also liable to overheating and vibration.

 Belt Drive Pump 

Another brand is the belt drive pump. This particular one is connected through a belt(s) and pulleys right to the engine drive shaft. Part of what it does is that it lets the pump turn at 1/3 the speed at which the direct drive pump can. So, it helps the pump sit some farther from the hot engine. With this help, therefore, the pump is much cooler and enjoys an increased lifespan. But then, due to the extra friction of the belt and pulleys being added, the pump is not as efficient as some others are. Also, these added components raise the requirement for maintenance.

Other facts about the Belt Drive Pump:

  • It serves best for you: This is so only if you spend the most time doing pressure cleaning and or you are a full-time commercial high-pressure washer.
  • What’s good about the belt drive pump: Some good features of the product include: it absorbs vibration rather than the pump shaft, it has a longer lifespan, this is because it runs much cooler with lower RPM.
  • What you may not like about it: It is not as efficient as others, it requires a lot more maintenance with added belt friction.

 Top Pump Brands 

There are different brands that produce Pump. Each has its own dimension and unique features. Though all the brands have the same purpose, they are of different capacity. This article enlists the top among them.


This brand is notable for its motor, “The Pumps With Nine Lives,” which is seemingly true as they are the most patronized brand. It is therefore not surprising that buyers pay more to have their pump. They are also known specialists in a positive displacement of high-pressure pumps that is pressure washer pumps.

 AR (Annovi Reverberi) 

These are Italian manufacturers of the pump who are renowned for being in the business for a very long time. They are notable for making piston pumps for industrial washing. So, they are accorded great respect in the industry. Such brands as Stanley, Black + Decker, DeWalt, Michelin, give trust to AR pumps in their electric machines. 

 Comet Spa 

This North American branch of the Italian Italian plunger pump brand offers varieties of pump models of axial and triplex types numbering in their hundreds. They are fit for all industry applications.

 General Pump 

You certainly cannot take it away from them. This brand has been in the industry, producing top quality plunger pumps since 1982. Their pump models are trusted, reliable, and durable.


This brand is actually called Simpson Cleaning’s home brand of triplex plunger pump. The brand’s premium machines include Comet, CAT, General Pump, and AR altogether.

Which should you choose, Gas or Electric Powered?


It will be in your best interest to go for the electric pump models if you would need to pressure wash very close to an electric outlet, for instance, a factory or a warehouse.

More so, it is good to know that the electric models need little maintenance and are quieter as you can conveniently and easily use them indoors. You shouldn’t worry about fuelling or refueling them too. Nevertheless, they cost a little more for their cleaning power.


Often enough, what seems more like a selling point is that these models of a pump are more portable than the electric ones. They are best for mobile contract cleaners as they would need to carry them to work. This model also gives more power and is much cheaper compared to the electric ones.

Which Should You Use, Hot Water or Cold Water?

If you need faster and more perfect cleaning, you should go for hot water. Often, people have attested to how excited they always are using hot water. It better helps the soap to pull the grime particles and dirt off the surface. Just as it excites the grime particles and dirt while soap pulls both off, they make for faster and quicker cleaning.

But then, it is usually difficult and very stressful using the burner and burner fuel. It costs about $1000 to have the hot water generating part of a pressure washer. This is in comparison with the same cold water machine. It is due to the schedule 80 heating coil and other components.

So, let us take a detailed look at the 5 best:

Here are Best Direct Drive Gas Commercial Pressure Washers

No products found.

The following products are considered the best direct drive gas commercial pressure washers.

Simpson PowerShot 4200 PSI 4.0 GPM With Honda GX390


No doubt, Simpson Powershot which has Honda GX390 commercial series engine with the AAA is actually the best direct drive gas-powered commercial pressure washer. It is in the brand of Comet industrial triplex plunger pump which has the forged brass head with the ceramic pistons.

It also comes with a wheelbarrow stance which makes it quite easy and convenient to pull or push. The machine doesn’t have flat pneumatic tires, and this makes moving over rough surfaces or around your job site a walkover. And also, the price range is within $900. Of course, the very good thing about the product is that it comes with free shipping. It gives you the best you need in terms of quality, price, and its cleaning capacity.

Mi-T-M CW3004-4MGH 3000 PSI 3.5 GPM With Honda GX390


In case you are ignorant of what the Mi-T.M really means, well, it stands for “mighty 1000.” This refers to the first pressure washer the brand produced in 1971 which is 1000 PSI (M = 1000 normally written in Roman numerals). But now, the company has rebranded that they sell virtually all types of pressure washers, air compressors, pumps, generators, heaters, and industrial vacuums.

The brand’s belt drive gas commercial pressure washer is, no doubt, a top-rated commercial pressure washers class of quality. It is made with the same GX390 engine with the direct drive Simpson. It is also built with a belt drive General Pump that comes with a 10-year warranty.

It gives you the opportunity to add-on a roll cage to the machine. This protects the machine and gives it a secure chain up point. It also serves as a lifting frame that helps the machine to be lifted to a better height. If your job requires that you run pressure wash daily, or you intend or are already running a pressure washer Rental Company, then it is in your best interest to go for this model.

Pressure Pro 3000 PSI 3.5 GPM With Volt Motor & General Pump


One of the top pressure washers with unique features that stand it out, is the Pressure Pro. It is such a best heavy duty pressure washer model that gives you perfect returns and satisfaction on your investment.

The more striking feature about it is that it comes with a lifetime warranty aluminum frame. The machine is so portable that it weighs just 150 pounds. Its horsepower induction motor is 7.5 draws 35A at 230V. It is a perfect choice if your pressure washing is indoor, and you consider fumes and sound more.

The Best Drive Electric Commercial Pressure Washer

Certainly, you can find some more pressure washers that are powered by electricity. However, for your best interest and to help you make the best choice, here is the best drive electric commercial pressure washer for your best use.

Pressure Pro Eagle Series


No doubt, the most difficult commercial pressure washers to find, amongst all, is the belt drive electric. It isn’t just easy to work. Pressure Pro solely produced these machines in their Eagle Series. And perhaps, for some reasons such as cost, many people hardly demand it. The machine will need you to part with as much as $5000 upwards to be able to afford it.

The machine comes with 3000 PSI and 4 GPM at max. Of course, one can’t possibly doubt the fact that this is quite much for an electric pressure washer machine. It also a General Pump and a Baldor 7.5 hp motor. And these features are what most people need in a commercial electric machine!

The Best Hot Water Commercial Pressure Washer

Here is also, a great option for you should you make a choice for hot water commercial pressure washer.

Easy-Kleen 4000 PSI 3.5 GPM With Kohler Engine


Easy-Kleen provides you with the best option to choose from if you need a hot water pressure washer. The reason this model is top-notch and the rated top isn’t far-fetched; it hits all the pleasant areas. For instance, the machine comes with a direct drive General Pump which gives a 5-year warranty. It is built with a 14 HP Kohler engine which also gives a 3-year warranty. It is also made with a diesel burner that helps to schedule 80 coils with a stainless shell for the hot water “tank”.

As a guide, all you need is to hot water to the machine and you relax and watch it work awesomely for you. Whatever you have to clean will just be taken care of in little time, and sure, you will get the best cleaning.

You can easily remove Graffiti. Also, caked-on grease at restaurants, tough-to-clean semi-trucks are now as easy as anything when cleaning.

You can see the pressure washer comes on a 4-wheel frame to make moving its 400-pound-self around not too hard. All this comes at a cost though. It varies in price between the high $3000s to the mid $4000s.

9 Uses of Commercial Power Washers

No doubt, an industrial power washing contractor’s life is summed in the following:

  • Everyday work and
  • Fast cleaning of large areas

Here are 9 uses of Commercial Pressure Washers


The commercial pressure washers are also a perfect fit for walking areas, mall parking lots, as well as some other facilities.


Most commercial pressure cleaners often work on building exteriors. They need to rent a raised work platform in other to reach the upper areas. And of course, contractors require certification for the operation of an EWP.

 Sport Courts 

In other to keep it safe and less stressful, you need to clean hard sporting courts like the basketball and tennis courts with a surface cleaner that is powered by a very large industrial power washer. You need such a best industrial pressure washer machine because this kind of job demands a large area surface cleaner so that it can be completed in no time.

 Parking Garages 

This is one of the most regular jobs for mobile power washers. Such garages give steady pay and with fewer time when commuting from job to job.

 Industrial Facilities 

Even though smokestacks do not come on a regular basis, general industrial facility cleaning does. A friend had done cleaning on rendering plant receiving bins. He had to spend lots of days to get off the smell of the rotten meat. However, when he used a 4,000 PSI, 5 GPM electric beast of a pressure washer, it was a walkover for him.

 Restaurant equipment 

No doubt, restaurant kitchens are quite stressful and rough to clean. But, when it gets tougher, the commercial pressure washing expert is called upon to clean the nasty grime and grease thoroughly away.

 City Sidewalks 

Sure, city sidewalks that are heavily trafficked are quite popular with the use of power washers. This is even especially hot water versions. You often find workers block the area off and do the regular cleaning in other to make the surface much safer especially during wet weather (mostly because the grime becomes slippery).


Had to include this one. Shipping vessels will be cleaned with onboard equipment by ship workers. I wonder if they have high-pressure hookups throughout the ship?

 Building surrounds 

Yeah, your office building entrance, interior, and surroundings may be quite dirty and looking awful to the eyes. And you know how dangerous and very bad such areas could be when wet. A commercial pressure washing expert can best handle the job. You will surely get the perfect and more sparkling environment after cleaning.


By now, it should have been quite clear why these pressure washers are the best pressure washer for commercial use.

From the detailed best pressure washer for small business review, it shows that not all pressure washers can be commercialized. Some are purely made for residential cleaning while others are empowered with features that make them apt for commercial purposes.

Some of these features as discussed earlier include the durability of the machines, their components, their capacity in cleaning off tough dirt, etc.

Pressure washer experts, therefore, need to have the ones that are perfect and best for commercial purposes since they will be used for tougher cleaning and on a larger surface.

But, then, if you want something that will just be enough for your weekend use, at your residence, then you have the residential pressure washers for your best use.

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