Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washers [Tested OK] 2021

Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washers 2021

Best Electric Pressure WasherThis article details the information about the top highest rated electric pressure washer in the market. In a broken review, you will be given bits of the features, nature, functionality, and every other thing you need to know about the products.

The essence of this, of course, is to help you make the right and informed choice when you want to buy a professional 3000 electric pressure washer for your home.

The things that will concern you about the easy clean pressure washers are summed into three categories. They include the

  • Brand you need
  • The cleaning power of the best high-pressure electric pressure washer you seek and your budget


Most Affordable Light-duty Electric Pressure Washers

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The AR Blue Clean AR112S – 1,500 PSI


This is no doubt in the league of the very best. It is not just amongst the best in terms of quality. It is one of the most affordable you can ever find in the market.

A North American company, AR, is a renewed manufacturer of the product and the brand stands recognized across the globe in the manufacture of light-duty best portable power washers.

So, if you do car cleaning or patio furniture, you have an awesome option for you in this product. It sure will save you enough water, stress, and time as it cleans tough surfaces within the house as fast as you can imagine.

The Sun Joe SPX1000-1,450 PSI


This brand has an awesomely good number of home-use machines across the globe. They are remarkable for this fit. No wonder they are so popular across the world. And of course, they are widely sold across shops especially online big markets like Amazon and big-box retailers.

Snow Joe, the brand’s owner initially built it to dominate the market with more affordable products like electric snowblowers as well as a range of wide-range outdoor equipment and tools.

The Greenworks GPW 1501-1,500 PS


This may be a much better option if you are just starting pressure washing. It is a perfect light-duty pressure washer for perfect home cleaning.

Though it may not do the perfect and more efficient cleaning of your driveway, it will certainly get that of your car done in no meantime and in a fun way.

Can You Use Dawn Dish Soap In a Pressure Washer

It also comes with a soap dispenser. So, you can conveniently clean your car by just filling up the soap bottle and plugging the machine in, and then pulling the trigger; wow, the work is done! So easy!

3 Best Medium-duty Electric Pressure Washers You Can Buy 

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AR Blue Clean AR383 – Most Popular and Best Value


You may wonder why we recommend this brand over and over again. It is simple; their products are aptly connected to solving the actual needs of customers especially as they are top quality and very affordable to all.

The product is awesome for virtually all medium-duty jobs such as pressure washing the driveways, cars/vehicles, front walkways, stairs, and back decks and patios. And do not forget the fact that you can easily store them and less stressfully move them around.

Though the plastic garden hose connector is still an issue with the machine and this needs some improvement. But then the brass garden hose quick connects kit is a huge relief solution to the challenge, although it may have to cost you a few more $8.

Sun Joe SPX3001


Even from a mere look at an image of this machine, you can clearly see it has a hose reel, nozzle (Karcher pressure washer nozzle parts) holder, and 2,000 PSI. So, there is no doubting fact that it is just up as one of the very best.

But then, the experiences of some of the users of the pressure washer show that the inclusion of the hose reels in the machine gives more stress than convenience and ease. So, you should look out for that.

This is so because you may find it hard to wind-up the hoses are they too strong or rigid. But then, you may not be needing a hose reel after all. You can loosely, easily, and conveniently wrap the hose around the handle for convenient use.

Karcher K3, K4 and K5 Series


Of course, they are the biggest player in the pressure washer manufacturing industry. Their brand is recognized worldwide. Their industrial cleaning equipment is the most recognized, and they seem to have everything going on well for them.

Their versatility is resounding as they also own some other top known brands like Shark, Hotsy, and Land. And with their reputation sustained over the years, one can’t possibly doubt their products as they are highly durable, portable, and efficient.

Expectedly, their medium-duty power washers are a little higher cost than others. However, what keeps people trooping to have their products is the quality and value they get for their money. Their inductor motor and pump of K4, K5 series are virtually the most durable and long-lasting you can ever find in the market.

Heavy-duty Electric Pressure Washer With High Performance

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Heavy-duty electric pressure washers are in a class of their own. Their work is different just as they have distinguished features from the light-duty and medium-duty wonder clean pressure washers. To help you with the easy choice, here is the best heavy-duty electric power washer we recommend.

Pressure-Pro 3,000 PSI 3 GPM Electric


Pressure-Pro is known as makers of heavy-duty machines that are capable of durability and efficiently cleaning tough and hard surfaces. Just at $2k, you can easily acquire one for your industrial and commercial cleaning.

The machine is built with an Annovi Reverberi (AR) triplex pump together with a 26-Amp induction motor. Its weight is 235 pounds with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame.

You possibly can’t look another way when you see this product, and of course, you can choose any other when you use it. It is needless talking about how powerful it is with its huge kickback from the lance. Of course, you have to be very careful using it.

How an Electric-Powered Pressure Washer Compare With the Gas-Powered One

These are two standard best powerline pressure washers that are available at the market. They are the Gas-powered pressure washer and the electric-powered ones.

In comparing the two, efforts will be made to inform you about their uses and differences, and this benefits you especially if you don’t have such an understanding.

  • In terms of performance especially the volume of work to be done, a gas-powered pressure washer has the lead. It is built with the capacity to do bigger jobs much quicker and easier.
  • It has more cleaning power.
  • Meanwhile, the best value pressure washers, though is powered to do all the jobs the gas one can, it will take a little more time to do much bigger jobs than a gas pressure washer ordinarily can.

So, you find out that most times, the choice of people on the two best pressure washers is determined by how often they will pressure wash. If it would be every weekend, then gas is more preferred. Meanwhile, if it will last a bit longer before you pressure wash, then the electric one is the best.

So, then, what does Cleaning Power mean?

  • To help you with the understanding of this product, this article will attempt to give you a brief explanation of what Cleaning Power really means.
  • Actually, Cleaning Power is the product of PSI and GPM.
  • It means that the machine is built with more capacity or water pressure (electric water pressure washer) to push a lot more grime and dirt off from the surface of the washer, and with more water flow each minute.
  • So, it is, therefore, often the case that each machine is ranked by its cleaning power. The machines with more cleaning power are really topnotch and are more valued.

Pros and Cons of Gas-Powered Pressure Washers

Since gas engines carry have their own energy supply (i.e. gasoline), they are made to be more portable. Of course, this is due to the fact that they don’t need an electric outlet near them, this is a major plus to this set of best nomad 18v cordless portable top rated electric power washer.

Nevertheless, they still have some issues that may give you some little concern. They are much louder.

  • You will need some gasoline fill-ups.
  • Also, you may not be able to safely use them indoors as they pose dangerous especially with the kids around.
  • You will need to be extra careful while using them. And, not to forget also, they require a lot more maintenance.

Pros and Cons of Electric Powered Pressure Washers

Unlike the gas-powered pressure washers, the electric ones are more affordable. They lay more within the limit of your budget. You can rely on a gutter cleaning power washer to do the best and virtually all home cleaning jobs. Such jobs include:

  • Seasonal cleaning of stuff like:
  • Patio furniture, your gutters, etc
  • Your back deck and driveway
  • Regular cleanings such as lawn equipment and vehicles

Nevertheless, it takes a little much longer time for these machines to do proper cleaning, unlike the gas-powered ones.

  • But, then, they require almost n maintenance as they last much longer without spoiling, they are much quieter, and they are much more affordable.
  • Just between $100 and $150 should get you one.
  • This is unlike the gas-powered ones that will wreck up some more bucks, even up to $275.

Who Makes The Best Pressure Washers? How do you make a decision, then?

Here is a guide to your decision or choice:

If you want to pressure wash every weekend, go for gas pressure washers. You make it less stressful for you and save so much time.

Best Pressure Washer for Car Wash Cleaning

If you intend to do some little pressure washing, such as your car, gutter, etc, regularly while the larger jobs are once or twice each year, then you should pick an electric pressure washer. 

Top Features You Need To Consider In Electric Pressure Washers

Before you take a step to buy an electric pressure washer, you need to consider some certain things.  10 of these kinds of stuff you need to consider are discussed here.

 If it has extra nozzles 

Sure, to be able to do proper pressure washing without causing damage to the surface, you will need different nozzles. So, you need to get the best electric pressure washer at home depot that has these extra nozzles.

 How it weighs 

You usually get the units of best electric pressure washers between 15 and 35 pounds. So, you need to look out if a unit is about 35 pounds and yet doesn’t have wheels that will make maneuvering easy.

What Kind of Cleaner to Use in Pressure Washer?

If it has a detergent system 

You will need oil in a pressure washer pump with a downstream detergent system located after the pump. With it, you can make use of a chemical to have a more perfect and efficient cleaning.

If it has a plastic or brass coupling so you can connect the garden hose

Usually, most users of this pressure washer complain that the plastic coupling used to connect the garden hose (detergent hose for pressure washer) to the water leaks or breaks very often. So, you should ensure you get a brass coupling that is quite separate in case it doesn’t come with the stock.

Check if it has a Plastic or stainless wand

There is no doubt to the fact that a stainless-steel wand is much better and more durable than the plastic one. So, it would do you a lot good to get the stainless one.

Check the electric cord and hose length

It is usual that most of the best electric pressure washer for car washing comes with 20-foot electric cords. If the unit has something less than this, then you may have to avoid it.

Check if it has a hose reel 

Although the choice of this is totally personal, you should make the choice that will end up well for you. Of course, there are those who don’t like the hose reel and some others love it. And also, some others prefer it halfway.

You should check if it has Wheels

It has been observed that some machines weigh 35 pounds, yet they don’t have wheels. And there are some units of 20 pounds and above with wheels. So, you should check it out.

Check Storage onboard for nozzles

Though, this isn’t a must to have. Some persons like it while others don’t. However, it is a very nice tool to have.

How Many Psi Needed To Pressure Wash House

Determine the GPM/PSI You Want

Of course, with electric pressure washers, you can only get what you can afford especially as regards PSM/PSI. For instance, with $2,000 you can have the heavy-duty power or get the medium-duty at $150 or less to get the light-duty ones.

The Warranty you can get for the product

When it comes to warranty, it is noteworthy that every brand has its own warranty. Though there are still a few others that don’t. And of course, this is a red flag. The warranty a brand offers on its product differs from others. That is why while some offer about a year warranty others give 2 years and so on. We take a look at the different brands and their warranties.

It is also necessary to understand that there is a limited warranty. What this does is to cover against substantial defect in material and workmanship that takes place during the period of the warranty.

So, what is the meaning of “defect against material and workmanship”?

Should you use the machine as stipulated in the user manual together with the motor, it fails just in a year, the company fixes it for you or even replace it with a new quality of the same quality

Should any part of the structure get broken just as the handle or frame, it will be either fixed?

 The 90 Days Warranty 

Virtually all brands give this warranty. It covers ordinary wear stuffs like the seals, the hoses, valves (bypass valve pressure washer), O-rings, nozzles, and lances. It covers them against faults their materials and workmanship may suffer for a period of 90 days, which is about three months.

 The 1 Year Limited Warranty 

Not all brands offer this warranty. Just a few of them do it. The ones that offer such a warranty include AR Blue Clean, Karcher, Greenworks power washer 1500 psi, and Campbell Hausfeld electric power washer. But, then, one very important thing is required of you to enjoy the warranty. You need to read the manual. This is necessary because without strictly following the terms of the warranty as stipulated in the user manual, the warranty may become void.

The 2-Year Limited Warranty or the 3-Year with $29.99 Extended Warranty Purchase

Out of all the brands that make the best small electric pressure washers, it is notable that Sun Joe is the only one that offers this warranty. They offer customers a 2-year limited warranty which in itself is out-of-the-box. And of course, with this warranty, you have the rest of the mind and not worry so much if your machine will break down just one-year down-the-line.

The brand also offers a 1-year warranty on the 2 year stock of $29.99. However, you need to buy the extended warranty within the 90 days period for purchase.

The Warranty Fine Print

This is applicable to the instance where you are buying excel commercial pressure washer or for industrial purposes. In this situation, you get only 90 days warranty. You need to go through the manual thoroughly to be able to understand it.

Different Electric Pressure Cleaning Powers On Sales

Here are some of the many different pressure cleaning powers. The best are carefully selected for review here in other to present you with the best choice.

The Light-Duty HousePressure Cleaning Power (It is up to 1700 PSI)

  • This 1700 PSI electric pressure washer is built for its specific duty.
  • Its functionalities are different just as its features are different than the other types of house pressure cleaning. It is summarized as:
  • Awesome to use for little jobs that are done inside and within the home.
  • Having limited power so that its range of cleaning jobs is equally limited.
  • Very affordable and very light.

The Medium Duty Power Washer (It is between 1700 PSI and 2800 PSI)

  • This Karcher 1700 psi electric pressure washer, just as the name suggests, lies between the light-duty machines and the heavy-duty ones.
  • Of course, their functionalities and features are different than the others and to define them. They are summarized as:
  • Awesome value for money spent on them.
  • With just $150 or less you can have one.
  • The most popular amongst the three when it comes to residential pressure washing.
  • Best for back deck front stairs, vehicle patio furniture, driveway, etc.

The Heavy Duty Pressure Cleaning Powers (It is 2800 PSI +)

  • This particular type of excel powerwasher is ranked the biggest. And of course, its names suggest that. It is summarized as:
  • It is meant for heavy-duty cleaning and so it is best for industrial and commercial purposes that require cleaning heavy equipment and surfaces.
  • Costs over $1000.
  • This is not surprising as the price for electric pressure washers usually shoots up with over 2,100 PSI and 1.8 GPM.
  • It doesn’t require constant refilling of fuel.

The Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washer You Can Buy

  • To be able to understand this, it is important you know how exactly a pressure washer’s cleaning power is defined. It is actually defined as Cleaning power units (CUs) which is = PSI x GPM
  • The ordinary residential medium-duty is = 1900 PSI x 1.7 GPM= 3,230 CUs

So, the most powerful ultimate electric pressure washer will have 240, 000 CUs. It is quite much and actually the highest.

At what price can you get this electric washer with the highest cleaning power? Of course, one can’t possibly doubt the fact that this particular washer will cost much more than others. With more capacity, functionality, and advanced features, you should expect to get it from the 5-figures to lower 6-figures. And again, the price is determined by the add-ons and other necessary options. But then, you must first, request a price quote from the company.

Now, here are the most trusted and best brands in the industry


Amongst the first to begin the best pressure washer for starting a small business and still there standing firm, Karcher is sure a true brand. They are reputed for their constant innovation and advanced technological inputs that rank their products amongst the top in the market.

Karcher has remained strong and true to its brand. And being one of the most diversified brands in the market, they offer both electric and gas pressure washers. Just in the electric alone, their units range from light-duty up to 5,000 PSI and 5 GPM electric “Super Class” units. Just about any range you need. They have it.

AR Blue Clean

Annovi Reverberi an Italian pump company and the makers of AR Blue Clean are as well-reputed in the industry with top-quality washers they introduce to the market.

Their medium-duty pressure washer is in different models, include the light and medium-duty models. And their products are among the cheapest in the market. And this in inclusion with quality and durability is the feature that sells them out.


Globe Tools Co. have made this garden and lawn equipment with a full focus on quality and affordability. Expectedly, they are built in China and they are just about the exact testimonies users give about them.

The quality control on the assembly line is quite reassuring for anyone who wants to bet on the brand. And it is not surprising that they only concentrate on electric models of the machine, of course, to be able to produce real quality. Their electric-powered machines range from lithium-ion battery-powered lawnmowers to electric pressure washers.

Sun Joe

These are also a heavy-weight in the industry. They produce few which they are sure of doing some quality service.

Sun Joe is a brand under the company, Snow Joe, and they are remarkable for making the $100 snow thrower when they emerged. And they produce 20 products in both the lawn and garden sector.


The TTi Group, owners of Dirt Devil, Hoover, Milwaukee, and Homelite, has this brand. The brand produces both electric and gas pressure washers which are best for residential use. Of course, more of the reasons most people have the product as their top choice is because of its affordability.

Campbell Pressure Washer

The renowned Berkshire Hathaway Company is the owner of this brand. This is a very large company with an immense reputation in producing top quality. The brand manufactures all necessary tools especially the compressors. Theirs include 4x electric and 5x gas models.


Though a young and growing company from the end of South Florida, Pressure-Pro is in no measure lower in standard and quality. They are up there with the very best as regards absolute professional manufacturer.

Of course, most contractors of pressure washers in the US are practically huge patrons of this company. One of the reasons is that the company produces trailers and custom-built skids. Their nag for professionalism and quality are also part of the qualities that make them dear to most buyers. 

Places You Can Purchase Electric Pressure Washer

In deciding the place you will buy the electric model of the pressure washer, you have to bear in mind that it isn’t just a matter of selection. A lot of things should be considered before making use of any available platform to buy. For instance, you should consider the genuineness of the platform, its simple return policy, customer service, and lots more.

Home Depot, so far, have most of these covered hence, they are best recommended.

The characteristics that should guide your choice of the places to buy the best electric pressure washer home depot are listed below in their order of recommendation:

  • Selection or collection of the products
  • The dealer’s Customer service
  • Price the company sells the product (this includes the frequency deal). You should understand that different platforms sell the same products at different prices
  • The Shipping service of the dealer/its location proximity to you
  • Their Return policy and ease.

With these in consideration, we have selected the best platforms or dealers you should get your devap pressure washer from and they are in their order:

Undoubtedly, this ranks top of the best platforms to buy an electric pressure washer. They have the greatest selection (options) for you to make a better choice. Also, they ship much faster than any other. Their price is fair enough. You get your stuff in the comfort of your home.

Home Depot

Second, in the rank, this depot is a platform to have a deal with. Although they have an online depot, you can actually walk into their offline shops and see the products yourself before making a purchase. Yes, their selection isn’t as broad as Amazon’s, they still offer something that presents you with a better choice.

Some of their premium electric power washer brands include Sun Joe, Karcher, Ryobi, AR Blue Clean, Briggs & Stratton, Greenworks 1600 pressure washer reviews, Stanley, Campbell Hausfeld electric pressure washer, and a host of other brands that produce just as much top-notch quality electric pressure washers as these bigger brands mentioned here.


Oftentimes, it is practically impossible to separate the size of this platform from that of Home Depot. And both platforms compete in strength. Yes, they come as much close to Amazon as the second best with regards to the shopping experience. However, their stores are limited compared to the first two. They generally sell brands like Sun Joe, Greenworks power washer 1600 psi, Karcher, and AR Blue Clean.

This platform may actually be your sure bet or best place to go because it is only dedicated to pressure washers. And so, they have a wide collection and offer a great deal of discounted prices.

In the ranking, they are No. 4 even though their selection is more than that of Home Depot or Lowes. The reason, of course, is that they are just online and so, it is believed their offering and shipping won’t be as good as that of Amazon. But then, they are a great platform to have an experience with.


Though this platform gives a limited selection like Craftsman, Karcher, Kranzle, AR Blue Clean, and Sun Joe, they are yet a great platform to get your electric pressure washer from.

Costco (this is not amongst the ones listed above)

Though this platform wasn’t enlisted with the others above, they deserve some mention here. Why it is so is because they don’t offer electric pressure washers all year. Theirs is actually seasonal. But then, when they do, they offer a lot of different brands at very good prices.

The Best Electric Pressure Cleaners with their Cleaning Power

This section will discuss some very powerful light-duty electric machines you can easily afford and get. Just three of them that are actually the best are made mention.


Craftsman air grip and goa pressure washer are just an option out of the two pressure washers. As detailed much earlier, the gas-powered pressure washers may stand a better chance for you for some specific reasons such as the heavy job.

Aside from the Pressure-Pro which takes absolute care of your heavy-duty jobs, especially for industrial and commercial purposes, other electric pressure washers are best for your in-house and outdoor cleaning.

To choose the right and best electric pressure washer, ensure you follow the guidelines provided in this review. You are most likely to make the best choice of the product that will give you the rest of your mind if you do.

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