3 Best Gas Powered Pressure Washer For Your Money

3 Best Gas Powered Pressure Washer For Your Money

Best Gas Powered Pressure Washer Reviews – Are you yet to be acquainted with the name, Generac? Or perhaps, you may have heard but can’t figure out what it is. It could also be that you are in between the lines, trying to choose from the numerous small pressure washers the company has rolled out in the market; that quality one that will serve you best and right. Worry no more, this review will help you walk through it.

The article digs deep into the details of the most powerful electric pressure washer systems from Generac, their 3 best-rated power washers as well as the two upgraded features of good electric pressure washers from the brand which their customers demand 3 improvements on.  It further details the information of the company aside from the actual review of the products. This is to let you have a comprehensive overview of the company itself and its products in other to make a better-informed choice.

An Overview of Generac Power Systems, Inc. in numbers:

The company became a public company and rose in wide recognition in 2010. Since then, it has maintained an increased share price of 300%. And so, it has beaten the market share value by 120% within this same time frame. As of 23rd February 2017, its market cap had risen to $2.55 billion. This is 7 years after the IPO. Towards the ending of 2015, its net profit rose to $78 million of the $1.32 billion it recorded in sales. And of course, this is a favorable earning for such a generator company that started off in 1959 with the production of home-use portable generators for Sears which was under the Craftsman name.

Aaron Jagdfeld, the company’s current president and CEO who started off with the company as an accountant and has been with the company since 1994, rose to the position of the CEO in 2007 after he served as a CFO for 5 years. Right now, he owns 1.7% of the company’s shares which has made him the single largest non-institutional holder.

Aaron’s strategy of expansion and reinforcing the capacity of the company’s generators has been topnotch and immensely fruitful. Under his managerial role, Generac has diversified having won some significant and huge acquisitions such as industrial diesel genesets, generator-powered lighting towers as well as portable heaters.

It is public that the company focuses more on power generation products. And in other to build solid support for their business and brand, they have an organized and elaborate in-house engineering, manufacturing, and design capacity. With this, they have absolute control over the features and specifications of each of the models of the gas-powered pressure washer engine and pump.

They have their manufacturing facilities in about having a distinct location such as 1 in Mexico and Brazil each, 5 in Wisconsin, 1 in Italy. The locations have a space of 3 million-square-foot, and this equals 6.5 football fields with floor space at each location.

Surprising Facts about Generac

Generac engineered the Briggs & Stratton power washers and portable generators.

  • In 1998 Generac sold off their portable products division to Beacon Group such as power washers, water pumps, and portable generators.
  • In 2000, Beacon sold the portable products to Briggs & Stratton who in turn began selling the products with their branding.
  • In 2008, the non-compete agreement of Generac expired guesswork and they reentered the portable generator market.
  • In 2011, the company re-entered the power ease power washer market.

You may wonder and get to ask if Generac went out of business during those 10 years. Well, the answer is an emphatic “no.” The company rather reinforced its commercial, home, and industrial standby or backup generator business. And this has become their grand revenue channel till today.

Having been exposed to a deeper understanding of the company and the facts that surround it, this review takes you further to analyzing in detail, the best gas-powered pressure washers made by Generac that are best for your needs as they are for lots of people.

How Big And Far Generac Pressure Washers Are

You might also have to acquaint yourself with some much wider facts about the company. Of course, by now, you know it is an electric generators company. And residential and commercial generator products are by far, the biggest revenue driver of the company, summing up to 72% of their $1.3 billion in revenue. And this is evident as you can virtually spot their generators everywhere.

But then, they also have the power washers. And these pneumatic power washers are also popular. Since Generac bought over Home Products like the Neuton Mowers and DrPower.com brands, they have delved into the power products market. This is, therefore, a guarantee that the global market will witness an influx of power equipment from the company.

The Best 3 Generac Gas Power Washers That Will Meet Your Needs

ProductPower SourceWeightCheck Out
Generac SpeedWash 7122 3,200 PSIgas-powered62 pounds
Generac 6922 2,800 PSIgas-powered57 pounds
Generac Gas Pressure Washer 3100 PSIgas-powered65 pounds

Generac owns 9 pressure cleaner models in the residential cleaning segment and this review turns to three (3) of them.

Generac SpeedWash 7122 3,200 PSI


This is one unique Generac gas powered pressure washer that sits up in its own class. With a carefully designed system that helps ensure adjustable pressure at the turn of its dial, this washer is sure a bet for you, with great added value for the bucks you spend on it. So, you don’t struggle to adjust the water-force of the pressure washer that acts on its surface.

What you need to do is to just increase the area between the surface and the nozzle. And right there! You just adjust the surface’s water-force; pretty easy, right? Well, you can do this within a minute, at the snap of the finger. And you may also want to know that the nozzles help to spread water over a larger area, and this, in turn, reduces the force that acts on the surface.

You may wonder and say, “wait! What’s the need to have a gas-powered pressure washer that has a dial which will be used to adjust the pressure when actually this could be easily done with just adjusting nozzles and distances?” Well, that’s a smart thought you have got right there. Here is the answer that suits you best. The variable pressure dial does all the calculations and guesses work for you by figuring out the extent and the right way you should hold the pressure from its surface. All you need to do is turn the dial, no thinking, no guesswork; it is fast and simple!!

With the OneWash, you get 4 settings of around 2,000 – 3,200 PSI. So, you know, for sure, that this is a 4 in 1 gas-powered pressure washer. And it can serve you in completely splashing off stains of oil that, doing a thorough washing of your vehicle, and all this just at the turn of a dial.

You know, one thing that would get to take to your heels to get this product is that it has been made so affordable that Generac has worked out a free shipping policy with the e-commerce store. And, of course, this will only last for a moment. And better still, it has been brought to such a nearly ridiculously little price;  just $100 or a little more added bucks and you have it operating at its top gear in your house! Much cheaper than some others of the same quality level.

Generac 6922 2,800 PSI


You are just about hitting the sweet spot if you are looking to grab this machine for use. It isn’t just about the intense and forceful cleaning power that steps it up in quality, it also beats the game with more efficient cleaning potential. And all these great qualities from a machine that you wouldn’t need to break your bank to buy.

One may wonder why lots of people have fallen in love with this machine that it rarely lasts in stock whenever it hits the market. Well, haven’t you heard the saying that “majority race after quality with the cheaper rate?” This is just the case with this machine. It is a medium-duty pressure washer with Generac 2800 pressure washer PSI which is actually between 1,700 and 2,800 PSI.

But, for your information, its price overwhelms that of electric medium-duty washers by double of 1.5. But, then, that shouldn’t be a source of concern for you as it guarantees you a fair price and some extra flow of power or force to finish up large driveways in just a few minutes rather sweating it out in over 3 hours when using the electric washers.

More so, you will consider another good thing it guarantees you such as being able to safely and easily wash your vehicle with its 40-degree wash nozzle at the right distance. The upright bearing and big wheels of its unit give you ease of movement when doing your cleaning work. And this is another delight of this product to users.

You may wonder why this product ranks top in our list of no particular order. Well, it is a choice made from the satisfaction of users. And two things that stand out are; the product has such a strong cleaning power, and it is best affordable for such quality and efficient service it does.

And when compared to the other machines in its rank, especially the OneWash which would need to be supported by a bigger engine to support its high PSI and GPM pump,  you situate this particular machine on the top 2 spots.

What about Their New One-Touch Electric Start Model? Generac w/ Push Button Electric Start

Generac-Gas-Pressure-Washer-3100-Lithium-Ion-Electric-Start-with-PowerDial-Spray-Gun-Hose-4 Nozzles

And when you think they are going to rest after dominating the market with such powerful and in-their-own-class pressure washers, this company, Generac, is far from taking a break. Right now, they have a new and awesomely powerful product under heavy promotion in the market.

Although the product is new to the market, it is already making waves. Why? It is simply attractive to buyers. And this is due to some specific reasons, it has a lithium-Ion battery and a push-of-a-button electric start that makes all the job easy and less stressful for you. And this battery appears somewhat special as it gives about 50 push-starts before it runs down needs some charging.

It doesn’t just stop at that. The 3100 psi pressure washer review is built with such a high PSI at 3,100 PSI and 2.5 GPM, and yet, it is about the same price as the other machines with lower PSI and GPM. Got it clearer now? Well, you may want to also know that it has the most convenient push-button start. So, anyone with some backache or issues with the use of the recoil pull-start will all be thankful after getting this machine.

2 Things You Need to Consider Before Making Your Purchase

This article wouldn’t end without suggesting two things worth your consideration before making a purchase of any of these machines reviewed above. And the two on this list include:

Surface Cleaner: In other to strengthen the efficiency and cleaning power of your Generac gasoline power washers, you will need to connect the lance to the surface cleaner so that that it can share the spray at an equal rate over a larger area. Another good this does is that it quickens the work of the driveway as well as other large flat surface areas.

The Upgraded Hose: Well, this may smite the choice of some other people, but hey, have this advice, “purchase the non-kinking hose.” Some people feel disappointed when they don’t find the hose in the machine. Well, the question is, “would you be able to cope with malfunctioning, bad hose.” It is better you have none at all.

Top 3 Pressure Washer Parts and Attachments from Generac That Can Boost The Washer Cleaning Power

The Gutter Cleaner Attachment and Extension Wand

With this wand, you have the ease of cleaning house siding and top building windows like that of the second story right there on the ground. So, you have both safety and convenience doing your cleaning unlike what you get when you use the ladder to clean such very high surfaces.

Similar to the telescoping extension wand, the Gutter cleaner lets you do proper and more efficient cleaning of your gutters right on the ground. It is such a very curved lance tool for proper gutter cleaning.

The Rotating Scrub Brush

With this tool, your work of cleaning some very stubborn, tough stains and spots is made a walkover. You can clean such very tough surfaces very efficiently and yet not damage the surface. Parts of these surfaces are your garbage can and car wheel grill and wells.

The Floor and Stair Sweeper

Everyone wants to save time for something else when doing the cleaning and you do, right? Now, this is one tool that helps you right out. It disperses water-flow so that the cleaning area increases quickly. This tool is most fitting and best for stairs washing. It makes the job over 4 times faster and quicker than when you use the normal nozzle to do your cleaning.

For you to recognize it, it is a rectangular attachment that has 4 nozzles. It does not just serve you best for your stairs cleaning, but also the decks and driveways.

Still in doubt about what Generac Pressure Washers do for you? Check out these!

Now, with all this long-boring kind of sermon, you may be wondering “what actually are the things that I can benefit from the washers from this company that I can’t find in those pressure washers from other companies.” Let’s help you with a summary of these points on the actual benefits of using Generac Pressure Washers.

Best machine to handle for cleaning purposes

Now, this makes the pressure washer a cool tool to operate. You just can operate it however you want to physically. So, with the pressure washer, you have a primary tool for your cleaning purposes that give you both the ease and convenience you need to do a more efficient cleaning.

Stress-free, Best Satisfying Cleaning

Now, this may be ringing in your head already; how you could clean your floor and other tough surfaces with ease and effortlessly. But, perhaps, you need your thought to be shaped right. This is it; with the strongest electric pressure washer, you have not worried about doing your cleaning, just get the machine from the garage where you packed it, screw the garden hose in, start the machine and the job is done in few minutes. What may also interest you is that you do some good exercise with the most powerful electric pressure washer when cleaning.

Saving some bucks from water bill

You will better appreciate this benefit if you use or have used the garden hose. Now, you compare the level of water consumption by both the garden hose and the pressure washer. You will, for sure, appreciate how much the pressure washer saves you in your water bill. Limited consumption of water for maximum cleaning activity makes it a goldmine.

Where to Purchase Generac pressure washer manuals

If you are looking for the manual guide for any of the machines from Generac, look no further. Right on the website of the company, you will find a page dedicated to this. Each model has its own manual. So, you can find the manual for your own model of their pressure washers there.

If you find it difficult to access the page, especially when you don’t have the model number with you, then, it is better you use manuals.com. 

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Just like some have done a couple of times, you may have some important questions popping out from your head that will require some answers. Well, here is a few selected questions from other users that have been asked more frequently. The purpose is that most, if not all, of your questions, may align with these ones as discussed below.

Does the company also manufacture commercial-duty pressure washers?

Sure, they do. In fact, they did recreate brand products back in 2016 so that they can now produce a belt-drive machine that has an Annovi Reverberi triplex plunger pump. This product is built with 3,800 PSI and 3.2 GPM and at an affordable price of $1,100.

In what way does the Generac 6602 OneWash work with adjustable pressure? Does this model have a special valve? If not, how does it have variable pressure?

Well, here is the best answer for you: The Generac 6602 model has a Bowden cable which is actually connected from the turning dial and then, to the motor throttle. This helps regulate motor speed. So what you need to do is to turn the dial in a clockwise way, from 2,000 PSI to 3,100 PSI. When you do this, the motor speed increases, and in turn, gears up the water velocity out from the nozzle.

What more water velocity out the nozzle does mean is actually some more water force right on the surface area. Now, you hadn’t known, well, force over the area is pressure (PSI). So, it is simple, engineers that build for Generac have done well to calibrate so that the exact thing the throttle movement for PSI says on the dial is equal to the amount of dial turn.


The Generac residential pressure washer review has said it all. Taking a break from the normal reviews we do, to discuss the best machines from the world’s renowned and one of the few key companies into the best gas power washers is really fun. However, it is much more fun and delightful to us if you find the review and guide users in making your choice.

No one can readily discard the fact that this company is one to beat in the business. They have been consistent with throwing the best and top quality brands or models of a gasoline-powered pressure washer into the global market space. And it isn’t just their quality that makes buying from them worth the while, the affordable prices at which they sell these awesomely powerful machines is just mind-blowing.

Their team is especially focused on giving the market what it demands from them. They keep updating the models to reflect market needs and close-up the gap in faults users may have identified in older models. And this effort is highly commendable. So, you have your choice to make, but let this best cold-water pressure washer review guide you in the proper and right way.

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