15 Best Price On Generac Pressure Washers 2021

15 Best Price On Generac Pressure Washers 2021

To have a deeper grasp of Best Generac Pressure Washers For Power Washing and get proper information with the review here, there are some key facts you would need to know.

One thing that is vital to know is the company’s profile. So the question comes:

What is Generac?

Well, it is an electric generators company. Facts reveal that the Generac Pressure washers are by far, the company’s biggest revenue earner, largely owing 72% of their 2015 $1.3 billion revenue. This chunk of revenue was earned from commercial and residential generator products.

Also, Generac’s market base is one of the largest in the industry as they are growing to be a household brand. Their generators are virtually everywhere. This makes their product very easy to access by end-users.

And so, Generac power washers are outstandingly popular. Of recent, the company has begun to expand its market base into the power products market as they look to acquire Country Home Products such as Neuton Mowers brands and DrPower.com.

This milestone achievement will strengthen its capacity to produce a lot of Generac power equipment.

Review of the Best Generac Gas Power Washers For Your Need

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You have been assured of the quality of Generac products quite alright. But then, the difficulty comes in choosing the ones best for you.

To make the right and better-informed choice, you need to have adequate and detailed knowledge of the products.

To help you make an easy and better choice, this article offers you a quality review of the best three Gas Power Washers made by Generac that will match your needs.

Generac SpeedWash 7122 3,200 PSI


This product from Generac, the top quality it is, offers you real monetary value in terms of its capacity and functionality. And if you are one that prefers adjustable pressure at the turn of a dial, then you have got a perfect product for your need.

To clear your doubt on what “pressure” really is, a little explaining is offered. It is actually the force over an area. So, with this feature in the machine, you can force its surface feels by expanding the area between the surface and the nozzle. And this doesn’t require any deliberate thought or much effort.

The nozzles are just made for this; to distribute water over a wider area and thereby, reducing the force which the surface feels.

And just as you may wonder about the need to have a pressure washer with a dial to adjust the pressure even as you have the capacity to do it by just getting to adjust distances and nozzles, you would need to take a look at this recommended pressure chart of Generac. Well, a variable pressure dial saves you the stress and risks of making severe mistakes of determining the extent to which you ought to hold it from the surface. All you need to do is just turn the dial. So, you don’t just guess, you have the assurance.

Special Features of this machine

  • TheOneWash has 4 settings between 3,200 and 2,00 PSI.
  • It is an effective 4 pressure washers in 1
  • It gives you the ability to move from washing to blasting oil stains that occur on your driveway during a dial turn
  • It comes with free shipping for purchases of $100 and more.

Affordable Hefty Cleaning Power: Generac 6922 2,800 PSI


Perhaps low cost is one of the reasons most people make this machine their top choice. The machine is quite the most affordable medium-duty with high-quality capacity. 2,800 PSI (1,700 psi to 2,800 psi is actually the medium-tier) can get you one.

The machine costs about 1.5 – 2x the price you can get other electric medium-duty pressure washers at. It also saves you much stress as you can have the extra power and flow with which you can easily finish up big driveways in just an hour instead of three. With the use of the 40-degree “wash” nozzle exactly at the right distance, You are able to wash your car safely.

It is not a surprise that most people have a likeness for the big wheels and upright stance of the unit. It gives the ease to move around during or between jobs.

Special Features of this machine

  • The machine is very affordable and easy to get.
  • It is one of the best brands you can ever find in the market.
  • It gives users the best value at the cheapest price.
  • It is just 22% less cleaning power than the OneWash: OneWash is more expensive because of the jump from medium to heavy-duty pressure together with the adjustable pressure and required components.
  • It requires a smaller engine to support the higher PSI and GPM pump than the OneWash
  • The product is topnotch and helps you with quicker work of your deck, driveway, fence, garage floor, back patio, and a host of others. Its gas engine is absolutely one of the most durable products in the market
  • It can last more than 10 years with adequate care.

Generac w/ Push Button Electric Start


Just as the company is effectively and strongly pushing this new model, the gas power washer with features like a lithium-Ion battery, push of a button, electric start, to the market, it makes much sense to discuss it.

The battery of the machine has the capacity to give 50 push-starts before it runs down (and requires charging). This isn’t surprising as the battery has 2.5GPM and 3,100 PSI. Not just this, it is quite as affordable as you can get the very powerful SpeeWash models of its class.

Perhaps one thing you would enjoy more with this machine is the convenience and ease it benefits you. For instance, if you are having issues using the recoil pull-start, its simple starter button technology will make your starting it very effortlessly.

Here are Two Advanced and Unique Features of the Machine

This review constructively shares detailed information about the two major features of this machine that distinguish it from the rest; such features as a surface cleaner which aids quicker cleaning of large areas of your flat and a better hose.

 The Upgrade Hose 

Definitely, every expert would give you the best advice, and it is, buying the non-kinking hose. You may get a bit disappointed that the hose isn’t included. However, it is much better not to have one than to have a very bad hose.

 The Surface Cleaner 

This makes it pretty easy for you. All you have to do is just to connect the lance to the surface cleaner. It will distribute the spray equally over a larger area. This, of course, makes it quicker for the driveway and other large flat surfaces.

This also is quite an awesome way to increase both the efficiency of your Generac power washer and its cleaning capacity.

More 3 Generac Pressure Washer Parts And Attachments That Will Improve Cleaning Your Performance

Extension wand and gutter cleaner attachment

This is actually a telescoping extension wand. It lets you clean both house sliding and the second-story windows. This is even as it keeps safe on the ground. With this, you don’t need any ladders. All you need to do is to get a gutter cleaner attachment; it is a curved lance and it helps you to clean your gutters out and at the same time, stay safe on the ground.

Rotating scrub brush

With the scrub brush, you can properly clean tough spots and not damage the surface. Of course, you remember how important this will be for your car wheel wells and grill.

Aside from the car wheel wells; your garbage is another one that may have tough stains. The scrub brush makes the work much lighter and easier for you. And one more awesome thing about this is that it is quite affordable.

Floor and stair sweeper

This is such a very peculiar attachment that is rectangular in shape. It has 4 nozzles that distribute water flow in other to improve the cleaning area and help save you much time.

The product is a perfect match when you need to clean stairs 4-times much faster than you would with the regular nozzle. It will equally do the less streaky much cleaner. You may not find the round surface more efficient when you want to clean the stairs. Therefore, you might want to go with the floor sweeper which actually is much better and an option. This even makes much better sense as you can do both decks and driveways.

The Benefits of Generac Pressure Washer to Your Life

The testimonies on this machine are boundless. Many users have never sought any other option since they came in contact with this machine. What are the benefits they have enjoyed? They talk about satisfactory, effortless, convenient, quick, and quality cleaning. You just get to roll out the unit out of the garage or shed. You then screw it in the garden hose, start the machine, and there you go! You start your amazing cleaning for maximum satisfaction.

Most people who have just only heard of the wonderful work of the machine wish to stick with it alone. It gives you the leverage and opportunity to enjoy your work the best way. with tough stains and dirt gave a heavy chase.

You certainly will be able to save a lot of money on the next water bill. This is because the pressure washer saves you a lot as you use little water than you would ordinarily use with a garden hose. Just like the one discussed above which uses three times less quantity of water. No matter how very affordable in your locality, you stand much better gains. How about petrol?

More so, the Cool Tool is a feature that stands out this feature. You can use them physically and easily. You certainly cannot have equipment that makes life much easier for you and still live in pains, stress, and outrageous expense. You simply need a pressure cleaner.

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