Karcher Electric Pressure Washer Reviews 2021

Karcher Electric Pressure Washer Reviews 2021

Karcher Pressure Washer Reviews – This article gives you a carefully detailed review of the 3 best residential Karcher Pressure Washers most people have in their homes. Of course, they are the best not just for the sake of being.

  • They actually have to distinguish and unique features that make them a top-notch and top choice Karcher electric pressure washer for homes.
  • The review also gives detailed information about the best company that makes these quality large and small Karcher power washer reviews.
  • All you need to know in other to make an informed choice is detailed here.

Where Are Karcher Pressure Washers Made?

The Company Brief Profile

Karcher, a top company that produces the Karcher gas pressure washer review, has made 18 gas and 21 electric pressure washers that present you the perfect choice.

  • These products start at 1.25 GPM and Karcher 1500 psi pressure washer even to 3.6 GPM and 4000 PSI.
  • This is even with the exclusion of their professional-grade units.

Of course, just like someone who is going for the product for the first time, you may wonder how Karcher has such many types of machines that present you with a variety of options to choose from. This is especially as other top companies like AR Vlue Clean, Sun Joe, and Greenworks can manage to pull just 18 combined.

Well, the answer isn’t far fetched. Karcher had been there ever before the spring of the others. As a German company, it started off in the 1950s. Well, one may argue that the high-Karcher steam pressure washer/cleaners had been invented in 1927 in the US, before theirs. It is a fact that the first Karcher high-pressure washer to be invented in Europe came in 1950 by Alfred Karcher in Germany.

This achievement became more remarkable as Karcher successfully expanded globally in 1962. There came a switch of brand color to the remarkable yellow one used till today in 1974. Approaching the year 2015, they had established subsidiaries in about 60 countries of the world where they sell their Karcher high-pressure cleaner, recording a whopping sum of $2.3 billion in revenue.

Perhaps, a detailed overview of the successes recorded by the company as discussed below will give you adequate knowledge and insight about the company.

Karcher Expertise, Innovation & Quality: Reasons Karcher Is Best For You

Users of the product can attest to the singular fact that Karcher sells more than electric pressure washers. They lay the practicality for you. You get to learn the capacity of their products as they engaged them in cleaning remarkable structures, buildings, architectural designs, etc.

As long as 30 years and counting, they have successfully cleaned

  • Seattle Space Needle
  • Mount Rushmore and
  • Statue of Liberty. These are three iconic structures.

Also on the list are such popular structures in Rio de Janiero, Prague, Melbourne, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Berlin, Paris, and so many others. And it is important to note that they complete most of their jobs using their awesome product, the best Karcher electric pressure washer.

  • For instance, they used hot water and the medium-duty 2600 PSI electric units to clean the Seattle Space Needle.

What they often do is to combine the in-house pressure washing knowledge with a strong and very active customer feedback loop to innovate and create their varieties of washers. Just in 2013, they did file for 500 patents. So, there is no arguing the fact that this company stands as the most trusted and reliable in the industry.

Why Are Karcher Pressure Washers Better Than Others?

No products found.

No doubt, Karcher ranks top as the biggest producer of electric pressure washers in the industry. In 2015 alone, they recorded whopping units of 12.8 million globally with 2.2billion revenue. This is a far cry from what about three other companies make combined.

Karcher also has varieties of capital invested in research, environment, and development so that they can produce en mass. This is also a fit other top companies haven’t been able to match. 

Of course, just like every other man-made establishment, Karcher has its fallouts. They may be more negligent of effective and satisfactory customer care, unlike most growing companies that give their best shot at winning new customers and retaining the old ones. This is especially as they give more attention to shareholder value/profit.

So, then, how does an electric pressure washer from Karcher compare with those of other countries? Below is a brief profile of the biggest competitors of this company.

 Karcher vs Sun Joe 

Of course, just as most goods produced in Asia are usually cheaper, Sun Joe offers a much lower and affordable price on their products. This attracts most buyers as they are typically interested in cheaper ones. And perhaps, also the reason they are among the top three brands in the market.

Snow Joes which is the sister of Sun Joe first kick-started the sales of much cheaper and affordable snow blowers. Sun Joe later joined to produce both garden and home power tools and equipment.

So now, should you prefer Karcher over Sun Joe? Of course, the answer to the above question has to be an emphatic “yes.” This is so because, Karcher, far better than Sun Joe, provide a wider range of varieties to customers. They also have the resources to produce top quality machines at a reduced price without engaging in any illegality. Though in the long run, their products may cost a little higher.

 Karcher vs Ryobi 

Another Asia brand that is owned by Techtronic Industries, a Holding company in the megacity of Hong Kong, is Ryobi. It is the known owner of such brands as Dirt Devil, Milwaukee, and Hoover, all of which are produced within TTI’s Large manufacturing plant’s scale in China. The company’s tools are remarkably famous with the inclusion of a pressure washer offers.

So, which of the companies should you choose between Karcher and Ryobi? Well, of course, Karcher still has the upper hand compared to this brand. Karcher can channel or target their products and services to particular products and assign them prices in order. Meanwhile, Ryobi produces limitedly while also targeting to price their products at such a level as the more quality ones from other companies like Karcher.

 Karcher vs AR Blue Clean 

Italian motor company Ravel and pump maker, Annovi Reverberi are the two owners of this brand, AR Blue Clean. No doubt, they are known for offering a widely thriving and top-notch set of pressure cleaners which are mostly sold at the big box retailers.

So, which should you prefer between the two products? The competition is much stiffer between these two. Both are established makers of top quality pressure washer machines. AR, however, takes the lead regarding low prices for the best quality.

 Karcher vs Greenworks 

Certainly, a lot of people prefer K5 Premium as their best Karcher electric pressure washers. The machine is not just the most performing; it gives a fit in the combination of price, performance, and power.

This machine can handle any form of a job as it gives both 1.5 GPM and 2,000. It is classified under the “Premium” range. What this means is that it has an N-COR (non-corrosive) pump and a water-cooled induction motor. The water-cooled motor is often regarded as 5x life. This is so because the motor is kept cool as water is circulated. And you know cool bearings give happiness. You have the rest of your mind and satisfaction using it. No overheating.

A more striking feature of this product is the connect system it is built with which unit’s time-saving. It gives quicker connections with both the hose to wand garden hose connector. If you want to supply this washer with water through other tanks of yours or have a rainwater tank, it is just so easy to do. It also comes with a siphoning feature and the N-Cor self-priming pump.

Karcher K5 Pressure Washer


Karcher K5 Premium Pressure Washer

It is needless reiterating that most people prefer the K5 Premium Washer series. The reason isn’t farfetched. It is a perfect fit for both low price and top quality. Also, it comes with 2,000 PSI and a hose reel.

No doubt, there are cheaper models to it. But, what casts them off is the fact that they are of lower standards and less beneficial. So, if you don’t enjoy the quietest gas pressure washer hose that kinks, then, you have got to go for the real hose that will give you no issues.

In our top pick, these 3 series of Karcher’s residential electric pressure washer models present the perfect choice:

  • K5 is the premium
  • K3 is the intermediate, and
  • K2 is the entry-level

Here is an insight into the features of each of them

These top series give you the optimal performance and yet, at a very affordable price range.  The Karcher 2000 psi gas pressure washer series is topnotch with the quality they operate at. Yeah, they may need a higher amount of money to get compared to competitor brands. But the premium you get with them is more reassuring and most satisfactory.

These include:

  • Detergent tank with adjustable detergent flow
  • 2,000 PSI
  • Hose Reels
  • Large wheels
  • All features of K3/KS series
  • Weigh 32 – 37 pounds

Karcher Pressure Washer K3 Series: Sweet-Spot For Some


What sets the K3 series professional power washer apart from the others is its premium features, aside from the price. The washers have got detergent tanks and larger wheels. More so, they are 2 models which are the K5.540 and the K3.740. They are also built with water-cooled induction motors which help to make the machine more reliable, durable and give optimal performance.

The Machines of the Karcher k3 pressure washer series are:

  • 1,800 PSI
  • Detergent tanks with adjustable detergent flow
  • Weigh 15-33 pounds
  • Large wheels

Karcher K2 Series: Entry-Level

The unique features of this light-duty K2 series are both cheapness and portability. Its units are unarguably the most compact and are a perfect fit for transportation or residence where there are little cleaning needs.

The machines of the K2 series include:

  • 1,500 – 1,600 PSI
  • Weigh 12 – 15 pounds

And one may ask, does Karcher also produce Gas pressure washers. The answer is emphatic yes. It does. It is the owner of the professional, commercial, and Karcher industrial pressure washers which include Shark, Hotsy, and Landa.

These three brands share massive 115+ years of existence. Karcher only did buy them in March 2004 when they bought the C-Tech Industries Inc. All the brands produce small electric power washers in different types and styles. This also includes Karcher’s branded residential gas pressure washers.

Take a look at the most famous of them with a long shot:

Karcher’s Top-rated Gas Pressure Washer


Karcher 2700 psi pressure washer 2.5 GPM Gas Power Pressure Washer: This is still the best gas-powered washer from Karcher. It is amongst the best rated portable power washers reviews on Amazon with over 4.5 stars of multiple ratings.

So, their doubt on its capacity does not need to arise at all. It gives the perfect value you desire with every buck you put in to purchase it. And you are guaranteed better, more comfortable, and quicker cleaning. Also, it has a 196cc gas engine which powers a very reliable and trusted axial cam pump.

The machine will make your cleaning of a work truck, driveway, house siding, wood deck or patio, and garage floor much easier and stress-free. And you are sure of having one of the cheapest gas machines you can ever find in the market with this brand.

Where to Buy Karcher Pressure Washers?

Karcher K3 Follow-Me 1800 PSI 1.3 GPM Pressure Cleaner

The company’s new light-duty Karcher 1800 psi pressure washer reviews can offer you the best service you require at the cheapest rate. This is often better when you just need to clean smaller surfaces such as your patio furniture, care, or back patio.

It is a 4-wheel design that has the mobility capacity to move around with you when it is pressure washing. It also is also zero maintenance. So you don’t develop a headache and bucks on maintenance. So, you enjoy maximum ease and fun of using it.

So, when you intend to clean your house siding or gutters or garage floor, all you have got to do is roll it out, then plug it in and pull the trigger to have a perfect cleaning.

Best Accessories You Can Use to Increase The Cleaning Capacity and Performance of Karcher

To have a perfect cleaning with your small Karcher pressure washer, there are a few things you need to have. These accessories aid you to have an effortless and less stressful cleaning. So, they are a must to have for different cleaning purposes. They are discussed below.

Power Scrubber

If you need to do thorough pressure cleaning of your front stairs and all the necessary edges, then Power Scrubber is the perfect tool for you. It is broom-like, and it helps you get the whole job done with just a pass; so easy and effortless.

Rotating Wash Brush

This is an awesome addition to the Karcher mini pressure washer that aids smooth cleaning of the surfaces. With it, you can scrub the surface using the brush bristles. The pressured water will push grime and dirt away very swiftly. Also, for perfect cleaning of your house siding and window, car (Karcher car washer), etc, you should go for this tool.

Vario Nozzle

All the 5 spray tip nozzles most users are looking for are brought into one very-easy-to-use nozzle.  It is all in a bid to help you do some perfect cleaning. When you turn, the Vario nozzle, you can have it go from 0-degree spray to 15-degree, to 25-degree, to 40-degree; just as it suits you. You can spray so that it gives you ease going from blasting your kitchen exhaust hood to cleaning windows will be very easy and quick.

Surface Cleaner

A surface cleaner helps you pressure wash large flat areas fast. It has dual rotating nozzles inside and cleans a 12-inch wide-area each pass. They are a perfect twist-tool for your rotational cleaning need.

Extension Wand

To be able to do a thorough cleaning of very high areas like the gutters, windows of storey building, you will need to get an extension wand. It telescopes out to aid you to do the high cleaning. Using a ladder, of course, is a huge risk to your safety as it is not well balanced and not flexible to hold you up. Right on the ground, with an extension wand, you do your perfect cleaning.


In other to close this Karcher electric help pressure washer review, there are a few points that need to be revealed. It is remarkable that Karcher has sold over 50 million Karcher electric powerplay pressure washer across the globe. The company’s workforce size is daringly spectacular as it boasts of over 11,000 employees in about 60 countries of the world. So, one can’t possibly argue against the fact that they are a leading manufacturer in the industry.

As part of its brand’s objective and service to humanity, the company established a service division that renders the service of cleaning world-famous structures located across the nations of the world. More of the essence of this service is to market the company’s equipment.

However, it is much more revealing than it gives the most quality and enduring cleaning of these popular landmarks. 

Well, if you are yet unsettled in choosing the best Karcher help pressure washer that perfectly suits your need, you can as well check out their Toyota brand. In all, Karcher is one company that you would never regret striking a deal with if you need equipment that will measure the performance and results you want.

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