5 Best Simpson Pressure Washers 2021

5 Best Simpson Pressure Washers 2021

Simpson Pressure Washer Reviews – One thing that distinguishes the Simpson brand of power washers is that they are completely (100%) handmade. And they were assembled during the first 16 years of production.

This makes them unique and adorable to many. None of them was made with power pneumatic tools.

They held on with their handmade style production until 1985 when they introduced power tools in other to aid workers to match the increasing demand for the company’s best Simpson power washers.

With their 16 years of intense effort and maximum attention to detail, the company earned its reputation in the market and built a solid culture of quality control.

And these characteristics of theirs still remain to date.

Now, they have innovated and gone beyond the usual in the industry. They have upgraded to make use of only top-notch and state-of-the-art technologies for the production of their machines, and their production house is in Decatur, Arkansas which is a 228,000 sqft (4 football fields large) manufacturing plant.

Their trademark of excellence and quality has been so consistently followed such that most notable competitors Briggs and Stratton and DeWalt trust their stickers on Simpson machines.

For your knowledge, Simpson also specializes in heavy-duty and gas-powered cleaning power.

The Top Simpson Pressure Washers 2021

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For real value for your money, you need not just the best, but the perfect products that serve your need. Of the many different pressure washers from Simpson, two stand out. These two have very specific unique features that stand them out from the rest.

This article narrows its detailed Simpson pressure washer reviews of these two powerful machines.

The two heavy-duty Simpson electric power washer on the market are:

Simpson MegaShot 3,100 PSI 2.5 GPM


No doubt, a lot of people take preference on Simpson honda pressure washer machine which is powered by Honda. The reasons for this aren’t farfetched. One, the Simpson mega shot power washer is one of the cheapest and most affordable machines anyone can ever see in the market. It is highly powerful, reliable, and appealing with its elegant style.

It has won the heart of lots of users mostly because lots of people do not actually fancy industrial-grade triplex pumps as well as Honda engines like the PowerShot model. What most buyers want is the residential honda Simpson pressure washer and axial pump that will be more affordable for them and that can be durable and reliable. And this is exactly what this machine offers.

Sure, this will be your best gas pressure washer choice if what you need is a machine that is powerful in cleaning the toughest of dirt in your outdoor home and is also very affordable.

Simpson PowerShot 3,200 PSI 2.8 GPM Pressure Washer


Both the MegaShot and the PowerShot from the Simpson brand are world-class premium pressure washer models that still maintain their top quality in all productions.

Of course, one can’t possibly argue against the fact that both machines beat their competitors in terms of giving real value. It is merely difficult choosing amongst Simpson’s 3200 psi pressure washer products. All the products are good and choosing the best amongst them is so much a stressful thing to do. For high performance, the PowerShot ranks best, while for real monetary value in terms of affordability, the MegaShot model ranks top.

Well, if you have doubts regarding the high performance of the PowerShot, then here are some reasons you should consider:

 Its Commercial Engine 

Simpson’s PowerShot is built with a Honda GX200 engine together with a 3.1-liter fuel tank which is actually within 2 hours of non-stop wash time. Just the engine cost about $359 as its retail price.

Meanwhile, Simpson’s MegaShot unit is built with a Honda GCV190 residential engine together with a 0.91-liter fuel tank, and it sells for $25 as its retail. You can now clearly the reason for the extra $100 the PowerShot costs to have it. But then, there is more the PowerShot unit offers than this:

 Triplex Commercial Pump 

In terms of the commercial pump, the PowerShot is built with a triplex pump while the MegaShot is built with an axial pump. Of course, no one can doubt the glaring fact that a triplex pump’s life is far much longer than an axial.

What this means, therefore, is that the PowerShot is charged with an extra 16% cleaning power. It is also more reliable, durable, and gives optimal performance for your heavy-duty pressure cleaning jobs.

The 3 advantages of Simpson Cleaning Power Washers

The Washers are Trusted By Briggs & Stratton and DeWalt


Sure, it is well known that Simpson gives license to DeWalt. They also sell part of their units with the DeWalt sticker. This operation has been in existence since 2009. Also, it is the same as Briggs & Stratton industrial cleaning system.

So, you have got enough reason and assurance to go for a Simpson brand. You have Briggs & Stratton and DeWalt license their name for use in the pressure washer vertical to you or whoever is making the purchase. And one wonders, which company wouldn’t be so happy and fulfilled to have those stickers on their machine. However, these companies chose Simpson themselves.

And the reason is simple; their technicians, researchers, and engineers in their Product Development Divisions and Licensing discovered and chose Simpson as the best quality standard to work with.

You Get Value For Money

One can’t possibly refute the fact that Simpson is a world reputed and renowned brand in the pressure cleaning industry. However, DeWalt has most people’s trust when in cases of selling in stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart. This is simply because, their products are usually premium, and so, most people are ready to pay higher.

But then, Simpson units that have DeWalt badge are usually about double the price of Simpson’s units that just has their own badge. It is, therefore, very clear that most people pay double the price of Simpson’s product with DeWalt’s badge or sticker.

The Product is durable enough to sustain you for a longer time

The FNA Group bought over Simpson Cleaning Company in 2006. And just like you may know, the FNA Group is top quality and renowned production company that earns massive 8-figures revenues every year. So, you have the rest of mind that the company isn’t going to fold any moment close so that you don’t get the support you may need in the course of using their product.

The Criteria You Should Consider Before Making Purchase

Before you make your purchase, there are certain things you need to consider. These features are just as important as the product itself. Let’s discuss some of them:

 Winterizing Your Power Washer 

You need to follow some steps in other to safely and properly store all pressure cleaners for a period of up to 30 days or more. It is a must. First, you must apply extra care and caution when you store gas engines over winter. You must either empty the fuel tank and put in new oil or use a fertilizer stabilizer. Also, you will have to empty the water inside the Simpson cleaning system so that there won’t be cracking and expansion inside of it during the cold weather.

 Big Engines make a big noise and consume more fuel 

You should note that to get bigger engines means you have to prepare to cope with bigger noise and spend a little more on fuel. Simpson has a video describing the noise level of the PowerShot starting up.

Of course, the GX200 engine comes with a 3.1L fuel tank for a reason. It will need more fuel. Most users say the engine lasts between 2-3 hours when used non-stop. What this means is 4-5 hours of pressure washing. So, it is not possible that you go non-stop with just the kickback from the grip strength and lance that hold the trigger. You will certainly need to rest. But, then, you will need enough can of gas for an-all day wash.

 Storing Gasoline 

Going by recommendation, you should best store up gasoline seasonally. So, you have 3-4 months long for the storage. But, you should make sure it is properly disposed of for safety’s sake.

 Best Reasons You Should Get A Simpson Pressure Washer 

It may seem needless to highlight the reasons you need to get Simpson Pressure washers for yourself as the review details all that. The essence of the review is to guide you to make an informed and best choice of pressure washers with the best brand, Simpson.

However, some reasons will be highlighted here. Simpson isn’t just known for selling top quality machines, they sell them at the most affordable rates. Also, they help and give you enough support during ownership.

More so, since their spare parts and dealer networks that will help in repairs are available across the country and beyond, and their functional, you have an assurance of support.

 Simpson Pressure Washers Parts You Can Easily Get and Use 

For high demand, unavailability of the product, or shortage of dealer networks, some parts of Simpson pressure washers may be a bit hard to find. However, here is a collection of some pressure washer parts from Simpson you can easily find and get.

 The OEM Replacement Pumps 

When your pumps are warn-out or spoilt, you have the option of buying top quality pumps to replace the original ones. The head company of Simpson, with AAA as their brand name, produces its own brand of pumps. It is their general rule, and also best for your own good, axial cam pumps are replaced and not repaired. Meanwhile, triplex plunger pumps are repaired not replaced.

 The In-depth Owners Manual 

All the details of the machines you need to know, especially the product description, mode of operation, cautions, etc are contained in the Manual. The manual also teaches you how to store the machines safely and properly. You will also learn how to run troubleshooting and maintenance on the machine through the manual. You can look up the full list of Simpson’s Manuals online.

 The Nozzles and Spray Tips 

You can choose from 7 nozzles. They include yellow, white, green, the standard out-of-the-box red, and the black soaping tip. You can also, pick up a turbo/rotary nozzle as well as the adjustable/variable nozzle if the functionality is what you prefer.

 The Pump Saver 

To safely and properly store the Simpson high-pressure washer in cold weather conditions over a long period of time, it is a must that you have the Pump Saver. What it does is that it penetrates the pump and guards the seals so that they don’t crack. It is as low as $10. And you can get it at any power equipment outlet.

 The Brass Coupler 

A coupler is a must-have to be able to connect your garden hose or high-pressure hose to the power washer. And the best and right coupler you need to be able to couple heavy-duty machines is, of course, a brass coupler. Sure, Simpson high-pressure washers often come with it. However, there are occasions you will need a new one. Most hardware stores, as well as the online replacement parts dealers, are the best destinations for you if you need to get one.

 The O-Ring Kit 

For your wand connections and hose ends, you need O-Ring Kits. Often, there is a cracked o-ring, your pressure washer leaks. And this is annoying and frustrating. You should use your manual to find the right size and type of O-ring for you.

 The Wand Extension 

Wand extension is a must for people doing cleaning on high buildings. Instead of looking for a ladder and stressing yourself with that, the wand extension helps you to get your job done as quickly. They are no doubt, a much safer option. And you may be lucky to get a gutter cleaning attachment in other to have a perfect and effortless cleaning of your gutters from the ground.

 The Extension and Replacement Hoses 

The extension and replacement hoses help you to either upgrade the original hose or extend the hose by 50 feet. There is a wide range of options such as length, material diameter, and PSI capacity which Simpson offers through this.


From the foregoing, it is clear why you should consider the best Simpson pressure washer models produced by the top quality brand themselves, Simpson. One wonders how the company is able to produce such top quality and high performing power washers and offer them at a very low cost.

Users of the company’s machine stand to gain so much. Aside from the fact that Simpson makes top-quality aluminum series pressure washer machines, theirs are more affordable. Also, users receive the support they need with repairs with lots of dealer outlets of the company mounted across the country and beyond.

Quality is simply their trademark and that is why you will find their products tops and consistently rank 1 of the 3 bestsellers on Amazon. And with their machines powered by a Honda engine, you can effortlessly pull out the garage.

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