Best Outdoor Built In Natural Gas Grills 2021

Best Outdoor Built In Natural Gas Grills 2021

I like the looks of the cast grates, do they last longer than the porcelain-coated ones? what burners are the best Help!

Owning the best gas grill will make sure that your barbeques are the talk of the town.

Gas grills are very important tools among barbeque lovers and are pretty useful at our homes, and they have stayed with us for the last few years.

Gas grills have gone through tremendous technological improvements; the gas grills you see nowadays have some of the most amazing features and are the most impressive gas grills.

They come with so many features that are only meant to make your user interface easy and fantastic and deliver an incredible meal.

Nowadays, you will find a wide variety of gas grills some will be of different design while some will be indifferent size, all of them have different and unique features.

As there are a number of gas grills available in the market finding the perfect one for you might be a difficult task, either you will not find so many reviews on the internet.

But you need not worry about this we are here to help you out in this situation we have mentioned down below a review of the best gas grills, that will help you in deciding the perfect gas grills for your household.

After reading our article shopping the best gas grills will no longer feel like a difficult task for you.

We have prepared our ultimate buyers to guide you to enlighten you with the features that you would require to buy the best gas grill.


Best Outdoor Built-In Natural Gas Grills – Buyer’s Guide

The Cooking Area

This is the most essential factor you need to consider before buying a gas grill because a gas grill should perfectly fit in the cooking area.

For instance, if you are planning to buy a three – burner you will 400 to 500 square inches of the cooking area, in such a condition you will need a cooking area that is way above 500 square inches for it to fit appropriately.

Similarly, if you are looking for a five or six-burner gas grill you will require a cooking area of 500 and 600 square inches.

Hopefully, you have understood the importance of measuring the size of the cooking area before buying a gas grill, therefore we highly recommend you to measure it.

Count on the Number of Burners

Gas grills come with a different number of gas burners, generally, grills with many burners are expensive than those who have fewer burners. If you are tight on budget then we advise you to buy a gas grill which has few burners, but you have enough budget then you can go for many burners.

The other factor which determines the number of burners is the number of people you are cooking for, if you are only cooking for few people then a gas grill with 2 burners is enough, a gas grill burner with three burners is enough for cooking for 8 to 12 people.

If there are more people then it is advisable to purchase a gas burner with five to six burners.

The Footprint of the Grill

If you have limited space to store the gas grill then it is highly advisable to consider this factor that is the grill’s footprint. The grill should be at least two meters away from all the inflammable materials also from the main house as the safety measures. The wingspan of the grills should be made possible by one of the existing deck or patio.

Distribution of the Heat

Before buying a gas grill you need to make sure that it has a proper distribution of heat, the grill should have a proper design that would allow heat to distribute properly in the entire grill.

There are some of the grills available in the market that have a poor design and prevent the front part of the grill from heating that will eventually lead to uneven distribution of heat which leads to more wastage of gas and more spending of money.

Cost of the Gas Grill

The other important factor you need to consider is the cost of the gas grill, durable gas grills are expensive. But when you purchase a gas grill that is expensive you tend to save the extra money of replacement and maintenance.

Therefore we highly recommended you to consider the budget, because if you don’t have much money to spend we will suggest you to purchase a durable gas burner with two or three burners instead of buying the one with six or five burners with the same amount of money but different qualities. Secondly, you need to compare the cost offered by various retailers this will help you to purchase the same quality of the gas grill but at a low cost.

Material Used In Constructing the Gas Grill

This point is also important and you need to consider this before buying a gas grill, you need to make sure that the gas grill you are buying should be constructed from durable material so that it should last you forever.

  • The gas grills that are constructed from aluminum are very durable and are also resistant to rust.
  • It can withstand more heat and will allow the even distribution of heat. Other than this we recommended gas grills made out of stainless steel the 304 steel models can easily withstand the higher temperatures additionally it is also resistant to rusting and maintains its good appearance after a long time of use.
  • These were the features you need to look for while purchasing a gas grill, down below we have mentioned our best gas grills, they are unique and have specific features.

The one which will match your requirements is the most appropriate gas grill for you.

10 Best Outdoor Built-In Natural Gas Grills 2020

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Weber Summit S-470 LP Gas Grill, 7170001

This gas grill from Weber summit is a gas grill that is ideal for commercial use but if you want to use it at your home it won’t prove to be a bad choice and is the one that comes with a myriad of options, plus it is a fantastic gas grill.


  • The built of the gas grill is durable as it is constructed using stainless steel; additionally, the grill is large therefore which allows you to serve many people in one go.
  • The gas grill measures 580 square inches and 57 inches in height, this gas grill comes in natural gas or propane gas model.
  • This gas grill comes with some amazing features such as it has four burners which make it ideal to serve many people and the controls are mounted at the front.


Fortunately, it comes with a built-in thermometer and an LED fuel gauge also it is equipped with the snap-jet individual burner ignition system.

What We Like
  • The grates of the gas grill are nice.
  • The gas grill has a thermometer and LED fuel gauge which proves to be very convenient.
  • The burner of the gas grill is large; therefore you can serve 8 to 10 people easily.
  • The construction of the gas grill is very durable and comes with a 5-year warranty.
What We Don’t Like
  • The burner of the gas grill comes with a rotisserie feature which has some lighting issues; many customers have several complaints regarding it.

Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

This gas grill from Bull stone 36 inch is a gas grill which is appropriate for all application, you can use it at your restaurant or home for a barbeque, you will fall in love with this gas grill after you use it.


  • The design of the black stone grill from the top is flat and is perfect for an outdoor barbeque; you can enjoy your holidays.
  • Don’t worry if you want it for your restaurant because it works perfectly well for the restaurants as well, lastly, it has some of the most advanced features that you will feel blessed to have on your gas grill.
  • This gas grill comes with some amazing features such as the grill has four independently controlled burners and uses propane gas.


If you want to use it outdoors then you should feel more than blessed because it has wheels for easy transport additionally, it has a powder-coated steel frame. Blackstone 36  inch is one of the best outdoor gas grills.

What We Like
  • The gas grills have wheels that are very convenient and make it easy for transport.
  • If you are a beginner then you need not worry because it is easy to use.
  • The grill of the gas grill is very versatile you can cook anything on it without giving it a second thought.
  • The built of the grill is very durable and strong.
What We Don’t Like
  • The drain setup of the grill is very poor, you will always find hot grease running down from the leg.

Bull Outlaw 30-Inch 4-Burner Built-In Propane Gas Grill

If you are looking for a small gas grill then this one from Bull 26038 is your choice, it is one of the most impressive gas grills and performs incredibly.


  • This is the best gas grill you can keep it at your house as the exterior finish of it is very eye-catching and the build is very durable.
  • As it comes in medium size it becomes easy to store as it will occupy very less of space and this gas grill looks great while being in your kitchen.
  • This gas grill comes with 4 porcelain coated burners and has solid stainless steel grates.


The gas grill uses liquid propane and is among the best propane grills, plus the sewing machine has 60000 BTU’S cooking power.

What We Like
  • This gas grill is very light in weight.
  • The aesthetics of this gas grill are very attractive.
  • The heat distribution system of the gas grill is very even.
  • The construction of the gas grill is very durable.
What We Don’t Like
  • When you are setting the flames either they will be too high or too low, you will not be able to find a perfect balance while setting the flames.

Char-Broil Signature Tru-Infrared 325 2-Burner Gas Grill

If you are looking for a medium-sized gas grill then you must try this impressive gas grill from Char-Broil 325, it is an effective gas grill and has all that you would expect from a great gas grill.


  • It is more on the affordable side and is a fantastic option for your kitchen that will make it look classic too. When it comes to the construction the grill has a very robust construction and delivers unrivaled performance.
  • This grill is a liquid propane gas grill that will live up to all of your expectations.
  • This gas grill is equipped with porcelain-coated cast-iron grates and has a porcelain coated rack.
  • Other great features of this gas grill are that it has two top ported burners and has a sure-fire electronic ignition system.


You will be amazed to know that the main burner has 18000 BTU cooking power.  

What We Like
  • The heat distribution on this grill is very even.
  • The sure-fire ignition feature of this gas grill is very reliable.
  • The construction of this grill is very durable.
  • The gas grill comes with folding shelves which provide you with more space.
What We Don’t Like
  • You might get a headache while you are assembling this gas grill.

Weber 45020001 Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill LP Outdoor Review

Weber is one of the most reputed brands and this gas grill from Weber lives up to the reputation of Weber gas grills, you will be amazed to know the super performance of this gas grill and surprised to see the exquisite finish of this gas grill.


  • The construction of the gas grill durable and provides incredibly convenient use to the user.
  • This gas grill has most of the fundamental requirements that the perfect gas grill would require, and we are sure that it will live up to your expectations.


  • This gas grill is one of the best gas grills under 1000$ and has amazing reviews on Amazon. Additionally, it has some amazing features such as a porcelain enameled flavoring bar and it proudly features the GS4 grilling system with infinity ignition.


For your convenience, it has an open cart design with hook tools and the main burner has 30000 BTU per hour of cooking power.

What We Like
  • The exterior design of the grill is attractive.
  • The grease management system of the gas grill is very effective.
  • The gas grill is very durable and comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • The gas grill has two wheels which make it fairly portable.
What We Don’t Like
  • As this grill has wheels but it doesn’t have handles which makes it difficult to push.

CUISINART CGG 200 B – Portable Outdoor Tabletop Propane Gas Grill

Cuisinart has a big brand name in the kitchenware, and it would be wrong if we don’t mention a gas grill from Cuisinart on our list.


  • This Cuisinart CGG 200 B gas grill is one of the best masterpieces of Cuisinart and is the epitome of gas grill aesthetics.
  • The exterior of the gas grill has a classy finish and is the best affordable gas grill on our list.
  • This gas grill is a small but powerful gas grill and will simply wow with its impressive performance.
  • The features of this gas grill are also amazing as the grill has 12000 BTU cooking power and the burner of the gas grill is constructed from stainless steel.


Additionally, it has porcelain-coated grates and has a twist-start ignition system.

What We Like
  • The grill of the gas grill is lightweight.
  • The aesthetics of the grill is very attractive.
  • The side shelves of the gas grill are folding and provide ample space.
  • The construction of the gas grill is very durable.
What We Don’t Like
  • Assembling the gas grill may look like a nuisance.

Saber 3-Burner Stainless Steel Grill

This gas grill from saber stainless three burner is a fantastic gas grill and comes with the infrared cooking system.


  • You will be surprised to see the myriad of impressive features and dominant performance of this gas grill.
  • As this gas grill is an amazing gas grill which comes with superior performance, therefore, it will fulfill all your expectations and will prove to be a fantastic option for any sort of application which has few unique and impressive features such as the grill comes with push-button for electronic ignition and has 18000 BTU cooking power.
  • Plus, it has two internal halogen lights, and the construction of the grill is durable as it is constructed from stainless steel.


It has three burners which make it perfect for small gatherings.

What We Like
  • The grill has a quick-start ignition system.
  • The grill is equipped with lights that will help you to grill even in the dark.
  • The grill has a base wheel which makes it portable for outdoor parties.
  • The construction of the grill is very durable.
What We Don’t Like
  • You will be in hassle while you will be assembling it.

Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill in Stainless Steel

This gas grill from Dyna-Glo is a useful gas grill and has all the signature features to be a fantastic gas grill.


  • This gas grill will not disappoint you in any way and will deliver you an impressive performance.
  • It has amazing reviews on Amazon and has attracted so many customers, which makes it an effective gas grill.


  • The features of this gas grill include the electronic pulse ignition system, and the gas grill is fitted with an infinite control valve.


Additionally, it comes with cooking grates that are made from cast iron, plus the burners are made up of stainless steel.

What We Like
  • You can very quickly start up the gas grill.
  • The gas grill is long-lasting.
  • You can easily and quickly cook food.
  • This gas grill retains more heat.
What We Don’t Like
  • If you don’t maintain it properly, it will catch rust.

Broil King Imperial XLS – Stainless Steel – 6 Burner – Propane Gas Grill

This gas grill from Broil King is one of the most top-rated gas grills and delivers an incredible performance.


  • It comes with some of the most amazing features that you will require on your gas grill, and you will be happy to know that these features are expertly engineered to ensure that you have a fantastic barbeque experience and the broil king gas grill doesn’t fall apart on anything.


  • It comes with all of the signature features that will be required by the best gas grill such as it is fitted with six stainless steel dual tube burners and has side shelves and an enclosed base for ample storage.


The warranty on the gas grill is limited, and it is equipped with a Flav R wave cooking system that is made out of steel.

What We Like
  • This gas grill has an attractive exterior design.
  • The gas grill is durable.
  • This gas grill provides enough space for storage.
  • The gas grill has the feature to control the temperature.
What We Don’t Like
  • You need to assemble it when it arrives as it may be a headache for you.

Weber Summit S-670 Stainless Steel LP Gas Grill

This gas grill from Weber summit 7370001 is another amazing gas grill from the reputed Weber series, as it has all of the signature features to be in the list of great gas grills and promises to deliver incredible and amazing use, as per the convenience.


  • The durable construction of the gas burner makes it the greatest gas grill of all times as it has everything you will need is a great gas grill, this gas grill has lived up to the expectations of many users, and we promise it will live up to yours too.


  • The amazing feature of it includes that it is made up of stainless steel which makes it durable and has an enclosed cart for more storage.


Probably, it measures 30 x 74 x 57 inches and is fitted with a snap-jet individual burner ignition system.

What We Like
  • All the burners are easy to start.
  • Heat distribution is even and fast.
  • Cooking takes a short time.
  • It is durable.
What We Don’t Like
  • In a salty environment, it tends to rust.

Monument Grills 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill Reviews

If you are looking for a gas grill that is amazing and comes with awe-inspiring features then this gas grill from monument four-burner is the one, it delivers incredible performance.


  • It has gathered amazing reviews on Amazon, and they are very amazing.
  • It is constructed from stainless steel and has LED control knows.
  • Heat distribution is fast and even; these features make it fall short of nothing as a good grill.


This gas grill has satisfied almost all of the requirements of many customers, and we hope it will do the same for you.

What We Like
  • It warms up fast.
  • It takes a short time for cooking.
  • It is durable because it is made of stainless steel.
  • It is easy to clean.
What We Don’t Like
  • It is difficult to assemble.


These were our top picks after going through many customer reviews on Amazon and other websites. Each of them is unique and special in their own way and promises to satisfy your requirements with their amazing features.

Our reviews have highlighted the respective functions of a gas grill, and their pros and cons, and our reviews aim to deliver you a better understanding of what the best gas grill should be.

We hope that now shopping for the best gas grill is not a difficult task for you and our reviews will match your requirements and you will choose the most appropriate gas grill for yourself because after reading the review you will get an idea about the best gas grills.

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