20 Best Glass Cutter For Thick Glass Reviews (2022)

20 Best Glass Cutter For Thick Glass Reviews (2022)

So we’re going to review some of the best glass cutters tools 2020….I know, I know…stain glass cutters may not be the most exciting topics for stimulating conversation, however, this is a tool that many handymen and others use quite often.

Whether you working on a job around the house or just a simple DIY project, you want to make sure that you are using the best tool for the job and in this case, what is the most appropriate professional glass cutter for your needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the top-rated glass cutting tools below:

Top Glass Cutting Tools for Thick Glass 2022

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Toyo Pistol Grip Glass Cutter, Assorted Colors


The Toyo Pistol Grip Glass Cutter (which comes in various colors) has tap wheel technology and costs only $33.00 on Amazon. For those who are not familiar with what tap wheel technology is exactly, this allows the cutting head to roll smoothly and effectively while exerting a specific type of pressure that allows the score to penetrate the glass deeper, and more efficiently, producing smooth and even breaks on glass up to a ¾” inch, which is pretty impressive. There are several colors available of this particular glass color, although specific colors may not always be guaranteed- this glass cutting machine for mirrors/crafts comes in a pack of one.


  • This tool is ideal for mirror cutting with no breakage; if you are looking to do any compound scrolling, this also may be a good choice for you.
  • Even though it only comes in a pack of one, the price also isn’t that bad, although it is one of the pricier glass cutters out there.
  • It also reduces the pressure on your fingers, which after a while can get tired, especially if you are working on a big project.


  • There have been some issues with the grip of this particular cutter, however, simply wearing gloves should improve this.
  • Also, this particular cutter has an oil feed which means that it requires a wick so note that if a wick does not come with it, then the oil will just run through and you’ll be making a huge mess.

Custom-grip Supercutter – Glass Cutter – Assorted Colors


The Custom-grip Supercutter features a barrel with an adjustable four-position saddle, which is fitted between the thumb and forefinger and allows the fingers to remain straight, reducing strain and stress on the hand. The wheel of the Supercutter is made of durable, replaceable carbide steel that outlasts the more conventional cutters. There is also an adjustable grip handle, with an improved spring-controlled oil flow system and proven TAP Wheel technology to work effectively and efficiently with the new, larger saddle.


  • This is an ideal cutter for those who suffer from any kind of hand or joint pain as it significantly reduces strain and stress.
  • Price-wise it is pretty decent as well, costing only about $30.00 buck or so on Amazon.


  • The only real negative about this cutter is that it does hold oil well so if you find yourself needing some, we recommend that you put the oil in a separate container and just dip the cutter in it as needed.

Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter – Heavy Duty Perfect (2 Pack) for Cutting, Window Panes, Mirrors, Shelves, Scoring Glass Bottles, and More


This particular custom grip glass cutter for bottles (comes in a pack of two) will only cost you $13.99 on Amazon and comes in a few different colors; the wheel of the cutter is made of durable carbide steel that outlasts conventional cutters while offering efficient sturdiness. The pistol grip shape of the cutter reduces wrist and hand fatigue and the self-oiling option opens the door for a free-rolling wheel and a consistent scoreline. This is ideal for any project that you have going on around the house, big or small!


  • This cutter is made up of quality material, making it incredibly durable; the price is also amazing considering that you get two cutters essentially for the price of one!


  • Oil leaks from this cutter pretty bad it seems, naturally making the cutter itself really oil so it is a chore to keep a good grip on it as you are working.

CRL TOYO Original Supercutter Metal Handle Straight Head Oil Cutter by CR Laurence


The TOYO glass cutter Original is available via Amazon, costing around $27.00; the dimensions of this particular cutter are 6 X 6 X 6 so it fits perfectly in your hand with no discomfort.


  • This cutter makes clean and precise cuts easy as pie; you do not need to apply that much pressure to make your cuts and there is virtually no strain or stress on your wrists as you work.


  • Although the blade is awesome, the oil reservoir isn’t that effective so it does not dispense the oil as well as it should.
  • The price is a bit higher compared to other cutters on the market but overall seems to be worth the money.

Uxcell Skidproof Handle Steel Blade Oil Feed Glass Cutter Tool


Without a doubt, the Uxcell is one of the cheapest steel blade oil feed glass cutters on the market, costing less than 4 bucks on Amazon; it features a built-in oil feed and the wheel is made from durable carbide, with a metal head and handle


  • Unlike other cutters, the oil seems to stay in place with this particular one, with minimum leakage; the textured body of the cutters offers a good grip, even for those who may suffer from carpal tunnel or arthritis which is a bonus.


  • Although the leakage of the oil is minimal, you still may have a slight mess to clean up; however it is still not as bad as the leakage from other cutters on the market.


Can you use glass cutters to cut bottles?

Yes, you can but you will need to make sure that you are holding the cutter extremely steady in order to score a line all the way around a bottle.

How good are cutters for cutting square bottles?

Cutters work relatively well on square bottles, although this also depends greatly on your skill.

Do all cutters come with a cutting wheel or will I have to purchase one separately?

Some cutters come with the wheel and some come without so you’ll just have to make sure to read the package prior to purchasing.


All in all, although it is the cheapest out of the glass cutters (glass cutter for tabletops) we reviewed, I would go for the Uxcell – due to the rubber top where you insert the oil, and it seems to secure it significantly better than other cutters (I would just recommend to not fill it all the way to the top).

I think that this is also a perfect choice for those who are just starting out in the realm of an acrylic glass-cutting tool, it is ideal for beginners. Remember, pricier does not always equal better, happy shopping!

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