Best Electric Plasma Lighter For Bowls Reviews (2021)

Best Electric Plasma Lighter For Bowls Reviews (2021)

Finding the best plasma lighter without knowing what you are looking for can be a little troublesome. We have brought you the key points and warnings to find the best of all lighters.

However, we here at ReviewCart have collected all the Best Plasma Lighters for you.

What makes the plasma lighter to be the best?

Plasma lighters are butane-free and USB-powered. Generates flame quickly with a tiny electrical arc between a pair of ceramic electrodes, which totally depends on a single or double arc plasma flame which claims to be than any traditional flame.

A single arc – two-electrode flame works smoothly for cigarette smokers as it creates less heat over a smaller capacity. 

Double arc – four-electrode flame works effortlessly for cigar smokers as it makes double coverage available for the wider edge of a large cigar.

For the pipe smoker, The Saberlight Flameless Plasma Torch Lighter is designed specifically for pipe and bowl smokers.

A word of caution
  • Do not use lights with a metal pipe as it will bring a shock to you
  • Do not expose to temperatures above 122° F or 50° C
  • Do not lit in sunlight for a longer time.
  • Do not keep the flame lit for more than five seconds at a time.
  • Do not touch the arc, as it will result in a burn or conceivable small shock.
  • Use away from the face, body, metallic, clothing, and flammable clothing.
  • Do not puncture or practice near open electric arc flame.
  • Use only in the well-ventilated zone.
  • Lighter is not toys so keep it away from children.
  • Make sure the electric arc flame is turned off after use.

Top-Rated Plasma Lighters Reviewed 2021

The Ralix Electronic Plasma Beam Lighter


When you are looking for a good light that does its job super good then the luxury Ralix® electronic lighter results in the “Top Best Lighter“ to your search. It is built from a high-quality zinc alloy that won’t fall apart or melt like other cheap plastic lighters.  The build on this lighter is beautiful with the matte finish look to avoid fingerprints in it and comes in a package that makes it a good gift idea.

The single arc flame lighter comes with USB that does not rely on gas or other fluids and features a blue indicator light that displays when your lighter is fully charged and ready to unplug.

  • Built-in – single arc, made from High – quality Zinc alloy construction
  • Performance – easy to use – Charge, Click and Light
  • Design – Elegant and Sturdy
  • Pricing – Fantastic for the price
  • Charging option – USB rechargeable, indicator light for battery protection
  • Battery life – Durable and last up to one week or lighten 300 sparks when fully charged.
  • Wind – Resistant and environmentally friendly
  • Very Reliable product
  • Gift purpose – A perfect gift for someone comes in a luxurious box
  • One online reviewer says very small USB cable for charging
  • One user says that if used extensively or continuously it gets heat up to the point that you can’t hold it.
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The Tesla Coil Electric Plasma Lighter

The Tesla Coil Electric Plasma Lighter is an innovative lighter that works by creating an electric arc with one click.  Not like a cheap plastic lighter, it’s a rechargeable electric lighter that doesn’t need refills or fluid. 

Lighter is very easy to charge via USB cable and once fully charged you’re good to go anywhere at any time. Tesla Lighter comes with a safety feature that will not activate when the lid is closed.

The Tesla Coil Electric Plasma Lighter is designed simple, reliable and safer. Its beautiful design can make it the best gift for you or your friends.

  • Built-in – single arc, made from Gunmetal tesla coil and butane free.
  • Performance – Safe and easy to use, lights at one click
  • Design –Sleek and Sturdy
  • Pricing – Great value product
  • Charging option – USB rechargeable
  • Battery life – when fully charged lasts up to one week or 100 – 300 uses.
  • Wind – Proof and also economical and environmentally friendly
  • Ideal for lighting smaller stuff such as cigarettes anything larger might have issues as the space between elements is not that wide.

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The Saberlight Flameless Plasma Torch Lighter


The Saberlight Flameless Plasma Torch Lighter re-designed to deliver the best results to light up all stuff without any issue.

Unlike traditional plasma beam lighters with a limited narrow tesla coil that can’t light objects like bowls and pipes, Sparq uses more powerful technology to disregard the narrow tesla coil and generate dual plasma beams at the top nodes that can be functional to any surface to set it alight.

  • Built-in – Dual plasma beam lighter
  • Performance – simple and convenient to use
  • Design – lightweight and plasma torch technology
  • Pricing – worth for the value
  • Rechargeable – uses rechargeable lithium-ion cell
  • Battery life – with one hour charging time you can use 300 sparks.
  • Butane free
  • Wind – Proof and Splash Proof
  • Gift purpose – A great gift for dear ones that comes with a Gift box
  • One buyer complaints about its loose lid

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The Novelty Wares Plasma Lighter

Novelty-Wares-Dual-Arc-Rechargeable-Windproof-Cigarette-Lighter-with-Charging-Cable-and-Gift-BoxNovelty Wares is a good option for those who are looking for a flameless lighter for candles, cigarettes, incense, and campfires, etc. it is constructed with solid corrosion-resistant metal construction that works well in all weather conditions.

The design and effectiveness can make anyone want this or to present any on their birthday.

  • Built-in – Double Arc Lighter
  • Performance – works incredibly effective
  • Design – looks sleek and elegant
  • Pricing – worth for the price
  • Charging option – USB rechargeable plasma lighter
  • Battery life – lasts for about a week and charges quickly less than two hours
  • Available colors – 6 colors (neon/rainbow, gunmetal, wood, navy blue, gold, and rose gold.
  • One purchaser warns not use with wet hands that it’ll hurt you.

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The Nova Plasma Lighter


Nova offers flameless lighter that does its job and considerably usable. It’s great for the one who has any fuel concerns. It charges quick, lasts the whole day.

The charging mechanism has a light indicator that turns off when it’s fully charged which is very convenient, you can charge it overnight without getting hot. Nova features a double arc that has double power, which is very beneficial when compared to a single arc lighter. It’s attractive as a gift or for oneself.

  • Built-in – Double Arc Lighter
  • Performance – works amazingly in all conditions and lights belongings very quickly
  • Design – looks equally attractive
  • Pricing – worth for the price
  • Charging option – USB rechargeable plasma lighter
  • Battery life- charges faster provide a decent charge i.e. about a day or one full pack of cigarettes.
  • Available colors – Gold, Solid Gold, Solid silver, Gunmetal silver, and Mythical.
  • Lighter comes with 60 days warranty
  • Windproof Electric Lighter
  • Gifting – you can gift someone comes within a box
  • Few customers say that the beams don’t light extremely thick objects
  • One unhappy consumer criticizes a high-pitch noise that the light makes when in use
  • Charge is ideally for decent charging so doesn’t last long after lots of usages

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All the above – mentioned are the Best Plasma Lighters, so you won’t buy regretting. Please let us know your valuable feedback regarding the most appealing lighters among all.

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