Lumex LF1600 Stand Assist Patient Transport Review 2021

Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport LF1600 2021

Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport LF1600 2021 – Transporting a patient with a medical injury can be hard! Not all patients can comfortably sit in a wheelchair, and you need a different device in order to transport them! Whether you are into the medical profession or you need something to carry your family member, this Lumex Stand Assist can help you.

The device comes with a padded seat and knee rest so the patient will get the utmost comfort while using it. Moreover, the device comes with wheels attached, and you can easily transport the patient to the desired place.

Here in this article, we have highlighted some features of the Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Unit to help you in deciding whether you need this unit or not. Also, there are some FAQs that will help you with more information.

lumex stand assist patient transport unit lf1600

Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Unit Review 2021

Lumex is a famous brand that manufactures medical equipment of durable quality. This patient stand assist device has a sturdy steel frame that can bear a considerable weight without getting damaged. Also, the wheels make it easier to glide it on any surface while the patient is sitting on it.

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  • 400 lb safe working load fits people between...

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Stable Base with Locking Casters

When it comes to stability, then you can rest assured that this transport unit will remain stable while the patient is using it. The rear locking casters ensure better safety, and this device will not roll down the floor when you have locked these caster wheels.

Excellent Weight Carrying Capacity

This patient transport unit can bear weight up to 400 lbs, which makes it a must-have device for every home and hospital. No matter how heavy the patient is, this transport unit will take the weight while distributing it evenly among the frame and the wheels.

Padded Seat and Knee Pads

You need to make sure that the transporting unit is comfortable so that the patient can use it without any difficulties. Thankfully, the Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Unit has a padded seat and knee pads. The patient will get ultimate comfort, and you can adjust the height of the seat based on who is sitting on it.

Patients with a height ranging from 5.1-6.6 feet can use this transporting unit.

Convenient Grab Bar

With the grab bar, the patients can get more comfort and convenience while sitting on the unit. Also, they can use the bar to pull themselves for adjusting the seating position and for getting up from the transporting unit.

Specification Table
Specification Table  42.5”
Maximum Height 33.5”
Overall Length 25”
Maximum Width 5”
Front Base Height 61 pounds
Unit Weight 400 pounds
Safe Working Load Rear
Lockable Casters 5.1”
Minimum Patient Height to use this unit 6.6”

Functional Split Seat

The functional split seat swings to the outer side so that the patient can sit easily. Once the patient is in a comfortable position, you can lock the seat so that it remains secure in place. The seat functionality makes this transport unit ideal for aged patients who aren’t able to sit correctly.

Multipurpose Use

You can also use this patient transport unit in the bathroom as the casters can roll on the floor quickly. There are no parts that can get damaged due to water, and this makes it a perfect device for the caregivers.

No Electricity Required

Unlike other battery-powered patient transport units, this one doesn’t require a battery or electricity to work. The unit is entirely manual, and that makes it an excellent device. When the patient participates manually, there are better chances of health improvement.

Easy to Set Up

You can set this patient transport unit on the go by following a simple assembly process. The manufacturer provides a thorough assembly guide in the box, and you can follow it to assemble this unit.


Yes, the Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Unit is cleanable, and you can use a damp cloth to wipe the seat and the frame of this stand. It is essential to keep these items sanitized, and you can do it with this unit.

  • The Good
  • Easy to use
  • Lockable casters
  • Split seat for ease of loading and unloading
  • Easy to assemble
  • Robust frame
  • The Bad
  • A bit pricey

What are the Benefits of Using the Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Unit?

You might be wondering that this stand assist is a manual unit and there are a lot of battery-powered devices available in the market! There are multiple reasons why a manual unit like Lumex Stand Assist is ideal, and here are these reasons explained in detail. You might be wondering that this stand assist is a manual unit and there are a lot of battery-powered devices available in the market! There are multiple reasons why a manual unit like Lumex Stand Assist is ideal, and here are these reasons explained in detail.

No Hassles of Charging Battery

There are no hassles of charging batteries, as this unit is entirely manual. No part needs electricity to perform, and thus, you can use this transporting unit on the go whenever you need it. When we talk about battery-powered devices, then they become non-functional if there is no charging in the battery.

Encourages Strength

This unit has a bar attached to it so the patients can use it to build-up strength while getting up without any assistance. Also, patients can adjust the seating position according to their needs, even if there is no caregiver available at that time.


 It is evident that battery-powered devices are more expensive when compared to manual devices. You have to spend less on buying these devices. Also, these require less maintenance than battery-powered or electric patient transport units.

Adjustable Split Seat

The split seat is adjustable, and you can swing it out so that the patient can sit on it without any difficulties. It makes this transport unit ideal for patients with severe disabilities and aged patients.

Can I split the legs apart with this patient stand unit?

No, you cannot split the legs of this unit as they are solid. The frame has no moving parts, so you cannot transform the shape of this unit.

My height is 6.5 feet, can I use this unit?

Yes, you can use this patient stand unit without any hassles if your height is between 5.6- 6.6 feet.

However, the Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Unit is not ideal for patients with small height.

Will this patient transport unit fit through a 29-inch doorway?

Yes, this unit will fit through a 29-inch doorway easily, and that makes this transport unit perfect for every home with a physically disabled person.


With this patient transport unit, it will be easier for you to transport patients that are not able to walk correctly. It is a lot better than using a wheelchair and can carry a patient up to 400 lbs.


You can get Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Unit if you want to experience ultimate comfort. By using the bar, you can pull yourself from the wheelchair, and the locking casters prevent any tipping problem.

Also, the price will be reasonable if you have a look at the features offered by this patient transport unit.

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