15 Best Snow Roof Rakes for Snow Removal 2021

15 Best Snow Roof Rakes for Snow Removal 2021

Best Snow Roof Rakes for Snow Removal 2021 – Winter is coming!  It’s beautiful to see snow through your windows from inside the house but with it comes a routine of cleaning up our roof which becomes a part of our chores that usually takes place in winters.

It’s very crucial that we take care of our roof and take part in this activity occasionally as there will be snow built-up on our roofs which may affect outbuilding structure and cause some severe damages.

The best way to tackle this situation and getting snow under our control is by using a suitable snow roof rake. This simple design with a long handle gets your job done while you are standing on the ground with less effort.

The market is filled with so many types of rakes these days. And each has great features to look forward to but then also lacks in durability. So it’s vital that you choose a rake that is beneficial for task-specific and eliminate the snow quickly.

The product comes in different shapes and sizes some a lot heavy which can be challenging to move and some lightweight which may get flex under pressure. To save you from the daunting task we here at ReviewCart have listed out the top 10 best snow roof rakes, so it’s easier for you to make a decision and get the best product from the market.


List of the Best Snow Roof Rakes 2021

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Snow Joe Model Rj204m, Snow Roof Rakes

This well-designed snow roof rake will remove snow, wet leaves, and other debris from your roof easily with minimum ease. This product measures about 21 feet long and weighs around 4.8 pounds which is quite good for handling. With its excellent reaching capabilities combined with lightweight, it makes a suitable product for continuous usage.

The product features an oversized poly blade that measures 25 x 6 inches with a twist-n-lock mechanism which makes fitting and removing the head from the handle quite easily. While the telescoping allows you to increase or decrease its length for reach, it feels smooth on hand and also has a firm grip that is comfortable.


  • Twist-n-lock mechanism
  • Good sturdy design
  • Easy assembly

BLOSSOMZ Snow Roof Rake, Snow Roof Rakes

This refreshing new snow roof rake from Blossomz combines an exciting combination of reliability, practicality, and convenience. This product comes with a long telescoping handle that measures about 17 feet when extended full it provides long reach without requiring scaling on ladders and straining you.

Its 6 x 24 inches poly blade is well-designed and sweeps a large area in fewer sweeps.

The handle s made of high-quality aluminum, and the blade is plastic, so the rake is lightweight which therefore makes it’s quite comfortable in continuous usage. The blades will not be hard on the roof and won’t leave scorches or dent behind after the job is done.


  • Good design and quality
  • Good length
  • Extendable handle and comfortable grip

Suncast SRR2100 Snow Roof Rake 21 Foot

Suncast SRR2100 snow roof rake will help you clear snow and debris from your roof without any struggle. It comprises of a 21 feet long aluminum handle for extra reach; it’s among the most extended and lightest rakes in the market.

The product comes with a graphite blade with a non-stick surface that helps by not sticking to the surface or leave any scratches.

The great specification of 24 x 7 inches clears snow and debris faster and with less effort. The handle itself can be dissembled into small sections to fit easily in your storage area.


  • Good quality and size
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to use and storage

True Temper 1634500 Roof Snow Rake

This blue snow roof rakes true temper 1634500 from AMES companies; Inc will quickly and conveniently make you get rid of snow and debris on your roof. The product comes in with a telescoping handle that measures around 17 feet and the rake measuring 22 inches in width.

The rake handle is constructed of high-quality light, sturdy aluminum whereas the blade is constructed of high-grade strong poly material for durability.

Its good length and lightweight is an added advantage that can help for continuous usage without giving stress to your hands. The design of the product is ergonomic and smooth in feel which provides a comfortable grip.


  • Good length and lightweight
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Easy use and maintenance

MinnSnowta Roof Razor Snow Rake Rakes

 This snow roof rake delivers a unique combination of efficiency and reliability from Minnwnowta roof razor which is among the best in the market and takes great pride in their product. The snow roof rake boasts of an aluminum telescoping handle that is easily adjusted to suit your need. 

The blade is well-constructed and is made of poly material, it’s quite light on hand but does a great job in removing snow, wet leaves, and other debris. Its easy use helps in clearing large chunks in fewer sweeps and features a non-slip handle for extra grip at work.

The lightweight and good length come in as a good support system to use this rake continuously with minimum ease and without causing any discomfort to hands.


  • Good quality and design
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Easy to use and maintenance

True Temper Telescoping Roof Rake, Snow Roof Rakes 17 Ft

This lengthy and high-quality snow roof rake which is 17 feet from AMES Companies, Inc is very useful in clearing out the wet leaves and snow from your roofs faster and easier. This product comes with an extendable handle which is up to 17 feet in length to cover distant locations without scaling ladders.

The large blade on the front is crafted carefully from high-quality, sturdy poly material and clears a wide area in every sweep.

The telescoping handle is adjustable to its length suiting your need by just pushing the button, and the non-slip handle improves your grip. You can easily store the rake one of its features is a hole at the end of the handle for it.


  • Good quality and Length
  • Lightweight and solid
  • Non-slip handle and easy assembly

MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Razor Snow Roof Rake

The dynamo roof razor rake- snow roof rake product from MinnSnowta is a great deal in helping you remove snow and wet leaves from your roof.

The product is convenient and safer in its approach to clear the snow; the dynamo rake is quite famous for its long reach and adjustable handle which is user-friendly and requires less effort. With it, the long handle is reached the distant location and cover the area with every sweep without struggling.

The strong wide poly head provides extensive coverage of the area compared to other options and doesn’t scratch the surface.


  • Good quality and effective design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sturdy and lengthy

Garant – GPRR24U Yukon 24-Inch Poly Blade Snow Roof Rake

GPRR24U Yukon snow roof rake from Garant is a fantastic product in eliminating snow, wet leaves, and other debris from your roofs, skylights, and awnings.

The product features sturdy long aluminum handles that come in 3 sections each. It’s up to the user’s requirement to use one, two, or all the pieces together depending on the area that they are targeting to clean up.

The simple and practical design makes assembly easy while the wide-angled head improves and removes snow faster. The rake itself is lightweight and has a non-slip grip to enhance the performance.


  • Good design and comfortable
  • Easy to use and smooth handling
  • Sturdy and Non-slip grip

Snow Joe RJ204M Twist-n-Lock Telescoping Snow Roof Rake

RJ204M by Snow Joe is a well-deserved snow roof rake on the list of the top 10 best snow roof rakes in 2021 just for the fact that it delivers a quality product with amazing features.

Like all the other types of snow roof rakes it eliminates snow, wet leaves, and other debris from your roof. The unique twist-n-lock mechanism is easy and quick to attach or detach the blade. 

The high-quality telescopic handle can extend entirely up to 21 feet while the reasonably wide blade which measures about six by 25 inches gives a maximum coverage of the location.

The Blade Itself is constructed of durable poly that won’t leave any scratches on the roof. Thanks to its lightweight handle it makes it easy and smooth, and also its non-slip, ergonomic surface are added features that make it a better product.


  • Good length and sturdy
  • Easy to use and smooth handling
  • Non-slip grip

Garelick 89421 Snow Roof Rake, 21 Foot Handle

Looking out for an efficient snow rake then Garelick 89421 Snow Roof Rake is the one you should try. As a user, you can be stress-free about falling while standing on a ladder or not able to reach a distant location. This product offers a sturdy built-up and practical snow roof rake that does the job efficiently.

The roof features a robust and lengthy aluminum handle measuring about 21 feet and comes in 4 different sections for secure storage purposes. Assembling the pieces is quite easy thanks to its smooth-snap mechanism.

The blade measures around 24 x 7 inches and will eliminate snow without harming the surface of the roof.


  • Good design and length
  • Easy to use and assembly
  • Smooth handling and Comfortable

Features to look for while choosing the best snow roof rakes:

When you are figuring out the essential elements you tend to have so many questions, and most of the answers received have different views and all sorts of details but not up to your satisfaction. Let us simplify it in these sections which without a doubt will be easier for understanding.

Size:  Choosing a perfect length rake is essential it shouldn’t be too long or too short just the right size to get the job done.

Comfortable: A solid grip on a smooth handle will result in comfort and perfect balance. The ergonomic design ensures the rake can be used for a long time without getting tired.

Weight: Just the right amount of weight will help you move the rake efficiently. Lightweight gives you faster moving and easily portable.

Material:  the most common material used on a rake is aluminum, plastic, and other conventional polymers. You have to choose a sturdy, lightweight product that offers corrosion/rust resistance and also weatherproof so that it stays for a long time.

Sturdy: An excellent sturdy product will help in removing snow without flexing hard and doing the job with minimum ease.

Customer’s Guide:

The listed products in these articles give you an excellent start for 2020 by choosing a perfect snow roof rake based on your needs. We have reviewed the product keeping in mind your requirements by mentioning the important factors that include material, weights, comfort, and size. The entire product comes in excellent standard quality as they are in our top 10 list of most rated items on the market but as a consumer, it’s your choice to select the one that you feel is best for you.

 Snow roof rakes from different brands almost share most of the features it the correct combination of elements with an ergonomic design that suits your nature of the job of clearing the roof with minimum effort that counts the most. The product comes in different sizes, design, color, and quality it’s important that it does not flex with continuous usage and stay for an extended period. Select from the above list which offers you a good understating of the product.

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