Marshall Code 50 Reviews (2021) - Why this amp is awesome?

Marshall Code 50 Reviews (2021) – Why this amp is awesome?

Marshall Code 50 Reviews – Undoubtedly Marshall manufactures a range of best tube amplifiers for guitars, and Code 50 is one of them!

The elegant-looking amp comes loaded with a plethora of features which makes it an excellent choice for professional as well as amateur guitar players.

If you are looking for a guitar amp to upscale your tones, then there is nothing better than Marshall Code 50.

Here in this article, we have covered every single aspect of Code 50 to help you in explaining the features along with the pros and cons.

Go through the article to find out whether Marshall Code 50 is right for you or not.

Marshall Code 50 Review & Features

Marshall Code 50 Review

Full-Fledged and Easy Controls

The guitar amp has a full-fledged control panel with all the necessary control knobs. You will be able to Gain, Bass, Treble, Middle, Volume, and Master Settings with the help of easy to control knobs.  Moreover, there are multiple small digital screens so you can make sure that the settings are made according to your preference.

Also, the users can change the Presets as per their requirements. There is a dedicated digital screen that displays all the essential details for amplifying the tune according to you. You don’t have to worry about anything when you have Marshall Code 50 by your side.

Connectivity Options

Marshall Code 50 will leave you stunned in terms of options. The guitar amp has a 3.5 mm headphone jack so you can enjoy your tunes personally. Also, the users can connect multiple speakers using the audio jack. Additionally, you can use the Gateway App to stream with your Android and iOS devices. Code 50 has built-in Bluetooth that lets you stream online on the go.

Marshall Code 50 digital combo amp

The buyers can also use the USB port to connect the amp with their PC and other devices.

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12 Inch Performance Speaker

Marshall Code 50 comes with a 12-inch single speaker that amplifies your tunes. It works on 50 W, so there is no compromise with power. To be specific, the amplifier has eight speaker cabs, 4 amp models, 14 pre-amp models for an excellent performance.

Also, there are 24 effects so you will get the really amazing experience of using a fantastic amplifier with your guitar. The users can use cab emulation while connecting the amplifier to any headphone using the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Easy to Use

Using Marshall Code 50 is extremely easy, as you don’t have t perform any problematic assembly. Just connect your guitar using the cords, and you are good to go. Moreover, setting up the amp is a breeze. And you can adjust the settings using the dedicated golden knobs.

  • Affordable
  • Digital display
  • USB Option
  • Not ideal for live stage performances

The Verdict

Marshall Code 50 is suitable for every user out there who is looking for a reliable practice amp. It has all the required features along with some presets ad edit functionality.

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Is It Worth Buying?

Buying Marshall Code 50 is worth every single penny because the amplifier has the reliable build quality and excellent features. There is a crisp digital display that will assist you in checking the level of bass, treble, and other things.

Over to You

Our teams tested Marshall Code 50, and it performed well in every aspect. Connecting to the amp is easy, and you can also enjoy personal sessions using the 3.5 mm headphone jack. We even used the Gateway App for live streaming, and it worked seamlessly.

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