Best Inflatable Sup Under $500 Reviews (2021)

Best Inflatable Sup Under $500 Reviews (2021)

Water adventure is a source of endless fun and when it comes to stand-up paddling, the thrill gets even higher. While there are numerous brands claiming their iSUPs to be the best, here is a sorted review that will help you to find your flow.

In this review of the ROC inflatable stand up paddleboard, our attempt is to give you a better perception of its features, specifications, pros, and cons.

While most of the paddlers look for all-rounder iSUPS, some have specific needs. The best advantage of an all-round iSUP is that it lets you make a versatile choice. From usual paddling to fishing, kayaking, or even yoga, there are endless possibilities that an all-round iSUP would ensure.

Apart from the versatility, some of the common qualities of a paddling board are stability, weight capacity, maneuverability, tracking, and of course durability. If you are looking for the same, let us begin with our ROC inflatable stand up paddleboard review.

Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board W Free Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack

ROC Inflatable Stand up Paddleboard Review 2021

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Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board W Free Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack, Non-Slip Deck Bonus Waterproof Bag, Leash, Paddle, and Hand Pump Youth & Adult: A top-rated SUP kit that makes an ultimate companion for all your trips is this one from the house of ROC.

As you can see in the title, it includes a board, backpack, waterproof bag, safety leash, paddle, and hand pump- everything you need to enjoy your day on the water.

roc inflatable stand up paddle board review

Benefits for the Paddler

Ensuring the quality of your paddleboard needs to be the first priority and this one makes the ultimate choice. Made of premium quality military-grade material, this one is robust and lightweight. Starting from beginner to professional, it is suitable for people of all skill levels.

When it comes to the design, this one is going to impress you with two options. Either go for vibrant shades of peach, blue and white, or a classy black and white.

  • The inner surface has a textured design, which resembles fishnet weaving.
  • The sleek stripes on the white outer surface complete the overall design of this unique all-around paddling board.
  • The 10’ long by 33” wide and 6” thick dimension of this ROC inflatable stand up paddleboard makes it ideal for all kinds of activities in water, be it leisure paddling or fitness paddling.
  • This board weighs only 17.5 pounds and therefore you can carry it easily wherever you want.

Also, the accessories in this kit ensure you don’t have to look for additional equipment to complete your collection.

The waterproof bag makes it easier for you to carry a cell phone and keys while you are tripping. Comfort and convenience are what this package offers you.

ROC has been a renowned brand in the paddling board manufacturing industry for quite a long time. The US-based brand ensures the premium quality of this board and provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty at no additional cost.

Why Should You Buy this Stand Up Paddle Board?

Choosing the right paddling kit might be a tricky task for most of us. The two most essential factors you should consider are how it will fit your body and how you want it to handle in the water. This inflatable paddle board ROC is lighter in weight and ergonomically designed to make a versatile companion suiting all kinds of activities in the water.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, a complete paddling kit makes you instantly ready for adventure. Firstly, this paddling kit includes everything you need for a comfortable trip. Secondly, the premium quality material ensures durability and performance. With a 1 manufacturing warranty, you don’t need to worry about repairs or exchanges.

Performance & Versatility

The dimension, design, and weight of a paddleboard are three crucial aspects that determine the performance. The 33-inch length of this iSUP is appropriate for beginners as well as advanced paddlers. The superior design with action mounts and d-rings ensure impeccable performance and the 20% lighter weight makes it stable on the water.

This board features an extra-wide design, which makes it ideal for a lot of activities in the ocean, freshwater lakes, and rivers. SUP surfing, fishing, racing, touring, yoga, kayaking, everything is possible when you ride on this exclusive board.

However, it is recommended by the manufacturer to always use a USCG approved lifejacket and only use this board if you can swim. This one is not a flotation device to save you from drowning.


The 6-inch thickness of this board provides improved stability than the previous models. Many ROC inflatable paddle board reviews highlight the fact that the weight capacity of this one doesn’t disappoint you while paddling.

There are inexpensive iSUPs in the market, which ensure higher weight capacity, and while paddling you only find out that it’s not up to the mark. Not with this 300lb capacity board; it actually gives you 300lb capacity and is very easy to balance on.


Stability and maneuverability are slightly incompatible with each other. Usually, the boards with excellent stability disappoint you when it comes to maneuverability. Therefore, you need to look for something that has a good trade-off between maneuverability and stability.

This one makes a perfect balance between the two and you do not have to sacrifice stability too much. The oval shape of this ROC board helps you to turn it easily and maneuver the way you want across tides.


The ability of the board to paddle straight is known as tracking. Boards with firm center fins provide you better tracking than the ones with bendy fins. Unless you are paddling in a river where there are shallow spots, opting for the larger fins is better for tracking.

This ROC inflatable paddleboard features a large and firm fin, which lets you paddle straight and smooth on different water bodies. If you compare it to the other popular SUPs, this one gives you fantastic tracking.


The highest quality military grade material makes this SUP the most durable when compared to the SUPs of similar prices. The manufacturing brand highlights that the material they have used in manufacturing this iSUP is the same as boards costing $699.

To ensure optimum durability in the long run, the manufacturing brand also ensures a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty at no additional cost. Hence, this one makes a perfect option when it comes to durability.

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Features & Accessories

This iSUP kit makes an ultimate companion for paddlers of all skill levels. It is designed with a 10*33*6 (length*width*thickness) dimension that makes it suitable for adults looking for a variety of activities. The weight limit of 300 pounds is excellent whereas the 17.5 pounds weight is ultra-light.

As an all-round iSUP, it helps you to paddle smoothly in the ocean, freshwater lakes, and rivers. Be it leisure paddling or a tough competition, you will have the utmost satisfaction from its fantastic performance. A 1-year warranty from the manufacturing brand is included in this package.

The package includes your board, collapsible aluminum paddle, safety leash, hand pump, waterproof bag, and backpack. The collapsible aluminum paddle is the second important accessory that you need for paddling. It is made of premium-grade material and therefore is lightweight and sturdy.

Your SUP kit is incomplete without the safety leash and hand pumps. Apart from these, the backpack helps you to carry the board wherever you wish and the waterproof bag lets you carry your belongings such as your cell phone and key while tripping.


  • A complete package that includes board, paddle, leash, pump, waterproof bag, and backpack.
  • All-around board for people of all skill levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).
  • The weight limit of 300 pounds provides high stability.
  • Excellent performance, versatility, maneuverability, and tracking.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty at no additional cost.


  • This SUP is heavy for some individuals to carry around.
  • It is difficult for smaller riders to maneuver in whitewater conditions.
  • The price is higher than some brands.

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ROC inflatable stands up paddle boards make suitable options for recreational paddling. For less than $500, this ROC inflatable stands up paddleboard offers multiple good aspects such as tracking, turning, stability, and durability.

Performance and versatility wise it is better than many other brands. As an all-round SUV, it makes a perfect choice for beginners as well as intermediates. For the experts, this might not be an ultimate option of course. If you find this ROC inflatable stand up paddleboard review useful, go ahead, and make your decision now.

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